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⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Do you love Israel? 

I love Israel. 

Israel has an almost endless amount of amazing and unique qualities that make it a resplendent country and Nation. 

Of course Israel being the only Jewish and Democratic Nation in the world makes it both unusual and amazing at the same time. 

Sadly Israel also has plenty of jealous enemies that truly, wholeheartedly seek her destruction. 

These countries and peoples, namely the Palestinians seek to delegitimize and harm Israel even when they benefit from her contributions to the world. 

This is a sickness. It is a sickness we Jews have known for centuries. 

This sickness was the first institutionalized form of racism in our world. 

Of course I am talking about anti-Semitism.

Today’s anti-Semitism is most readily seen in anti-Israelism; which is the delegitimization of the Sovereign, democratic, Nation State of the Jews, Israel. 

This racism is built on the colonialist, fascist and Nazi principles of Palestinianism. A national movement created solely to destroy the indigenous rights of the Jewish people to Israel. 

Those who hate Israel do not stop there, they also call to ethnically cleanse the 80% Jewish population of the State of Israel.

This is where you would think people would say, hey wait a second, something is wrong here. Nope, while this is still fringe thinking, I do not know if I will be able to say the same thing in ten years. 

My love of Israel, my homeland, provokes in me a natural need to protect her, even if I do for nothing. 

In protecting Israel I have seen the darkest and most virulent forms of Jew Hatred. I have been fighting for Israel on the internet for eleven years and it has been very scary.

If there is one thing that I have learned from this fight Nazism never died. We were fools for kidding ourselves that it was buried with Hitler and his underlings.

In fact, enough of Hitler’s underlings escaped Germany and many were welcomed with open arms in Arab countries (especially Syria) where they continued the S.S. creed and set up the BAATH parties in Iraq and Syria. 

One of those underlinings  that survived was Mufti Haj Amin al-Huseini, creator of the Palestinians people. He attempted to carry out his own final solution here in Israel during Israel’s War of Independence. 

When I look at how we Jews and Israelis have been fooling ourselves it makes me furious. 

Of course peace is honorable. Almost every sane Israeli from the right to left, from the residents of Tel Aviv to the Jews who live in Judea and Samaria wants peace. 

Yet, the Truth, the hard facts. They do not lie and they make it clear that the same cannot be said about the Palestinian people and their society as a whole. 

In fact just this week we got to see a rare glimpse of this truth when Mahmoud Abbas slipped up in front of the whole of the EU. 

Speaking in front of the off-spring of Nazi Europe, Abbas laid out a diatribe of anti-Semitism and then finished it off with the age old blood libel of Jews poisoning drinking wells. 

This time it was Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria poisoning Palestinian drinking wells. 

Abbas later apologized, but for what? 

This is the mentality of the Palestinian Arabs. 

I came to Israel sixteen years ago. I was sure that there was going to be peace. I laughed at my dad, who doubted Arafat would accept Clinton and Barak’s proposal. I told him he was living in a different era, what did he know. 

That laugh quickly became a cry. I watched that peace go up in flames from the terrace of the King David Hotel thanks to Yasser Arafat. 

I was standing side-by-side with one of the greatest liberals I have ever known, my mother. She too was disgusted with that Arafat had just done, knowing full well that he had just chosen war over peace. 

My mother fought for civil rights in America. She was beaten on the streets of Detroit and was thrown in jail simply because she believed that American black men and women deserved every freedom America had to offer, just like white Americans. 

She knew better than anyone that Yasser Arafat and Palestinian society as a whole had just spit on freedom and justice.

The key to peace always was and always has been the Palestinian/Arab people accepting Israel for what it is, the Jewish Homeland, the Jewish Democratic State. 

It was the job of the Palestinian Leadership to take the money given to them, to build the foundations of a state, funneling the money down toward their children and creating an atmosphere of peace for the future by teaching the rights of two peoples, one Jew and one Arab.

International Law and the United Nations makes that very clear, for peace to happen there must be mutual recognition of two states one for the Jewish People and one for the Palestinian Arabs (even though they already are 22 Arab states).

This has been done in Israel. I have three children inside Israeli schools, so I can speak from fact. Sometimes I am shocked at how lenient the books are towards our Arab friends who started this war and have promised to toss us into the sea since. 

But on the Palestinians Arab side it was not done and still has not been done. And it is shameless that anyone can think to blame Israel for this situation. 

This should have been priority number one for the Americans and the Europeans. And neither side did a thing to ensure that this happened. 

Both continued to push Rabin to make concessions while Hamas suicide bombs (with the green light from Arafat) were going off on a near daily basis inside Israeli cities.

People forget, the Israeli media forgets, the American media forgets, the European media forgets or chooses not to mention that Hamas was setting of bombs inside of Israelis cities on a regular basis at the heart of the “Oslo Peace Period”. 

This was long before anyone was talking about settlements! 

Those living in Ivory Towers in Europe made Oslo something sacred when in reality it became poison for Israel. 

In fact, Oslo should have been recognized as Nazi poison from the beginning. 

It is nothing more than a copy of the Munich Agreement. And Arafat carried it out perfectly, accept we Israelis were stronger than he knew. 

It should have never been land for peace, from the beginning it should have been peace for peace, period! 

The clues were there for all to see that Arafat was never going to be Nelson Mandela. 

Israeli representatives were constantly bringing Palestinian Authority school books to the Europeans that were preaching hate and the destruction of Israel. 

The Europeans and Americans shrugged it off as if this key idealogical point of the Arabs still preaching supremacy over the Jews and the destruction of Israel. 

Well it is everything! 

The bigoted, racist policies of the Palestinians that continually try to dehumanize Israel and strip the Jewish people of its history is the center of this conflict.

And who are the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Nazi Arab fighters of today? 

They are the same Arab children who learned from the books paid for by the EU and the United Nations sixteen years ago! 

Now, think about how ridiculous this is. 

Sixteen years after Yasser Arafat rejected peace and Statehood for the Palestinian people at Taba we still need to have world leaders tell the Palestinian Leadership that they need to stop inciting against Israel.

This would be a joke if it were not so sick!

The next generation is already ruined on the Palestinian side and it has nothing to do with settlements and everything to do with the poisonous Palestinian Culture of Hate. 

This culture is encouraged by the EU, were rejection of peace and rejection of the Jewish Nations right to self-determination and international law by the Palestinians is rewarded by more European Funding. 

As I said, I love Israel, my message here should be clear. 

To the Israeli Left, if you truly love Israel it is time for you to wake up.

Oslo is dead, it was killed by the Palestinians. 

No matter how much you would like to blame the Israeli right and Benjamin Netanyahu it was not them who rejected peace in 2000 at Taba and it wasn't the Israeli right who rejected the Olmert Plan in 2008. 

Until you realize this and stop practicing self-hatred you will never be able to govern Israel again, period! 

To the Israeli Right, if you truly love Israel it is time for you to wake up and learn to speak and work with the Israel Left. We need unity more then ever.

To the Israeli Center, where many of us are today, we must find a way of bringing these two camps together. 

We must work to unify our government and our country. It must be us the Center, that pushes our government to find a way to completely, one hundred percent divorce ourselves of the Palestinian People. 

To American Jews, if you truly love Israel then it is time for you to get up off of the fence and fight for her tooth and nail. 

We have many problems here inside of Israel that are understandably troubling for you. 

Well, you too have many problems that are troubling for us.

What family doesn't have problems? But that is the point, we are family! 

What scares me is that for the first time, there are numerous agents at work who are actively trying to create a schism between us. Between Jewish America and Israeli Jews.

We must remember that it is our shared history we are fighting for and that it started here in Israel.

Only by working together and by not continually pointing the finger at each other over our differences we will be able to over come all of the issues that face us as a people. 

If you love Israel like I do, then please, help in this battle. 

Help fight this evil (Fanatical, Fascist, Arabist Islamic Jihadism) we are facing and have been facing since the re-birth of our Nation State.

To the World. 

It is time for you to realize that Israel, the democratic nation state of the Jewish people has been facing Islamic, Supremacist Fundamentalism via Arab, Nazi Palestinian Nationalism for decades. 

Only recently have you discovered the pain the we Israelis have been facing for decades in this fight against Nazism. 

It is Israel that has been on the front line of this battle acting as a buffer for the West.

Now more then ever, this has become a battle that we must fight together.

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