Thursday, June 16, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Shame on Bibi for using scare tactics to influence Israelis says Ehud Barak, Moshe Yaalon and Itzhak Herzog at the Herzlia Conference .

Then all three proceed to use scare tactics to try to influence Israeli voters at the Herzliya Conference.

Really I have just lost all respect for Ehud Barak. Sometimes I wonder why he is even invited to events like this.

Funny, does Ehud Barak remember his short term as Prime Minister?

That glorious moment in Israeli politics found us with a Prime Minster hated by everyone. Hated by his own party, hated by his coalition partners (who would quickly bolt his coalition) and of course hated by the opposition.

Barak tells us that Bibi is sowing the seeds of fascism.

I guess he forgot that as Prime Minister his colleagues said he was impossible to work with, trusted no one and was kind of like a fascist dictator.

So Ehud, I guess it takes one to know one.

Moshe Yaalon, whom I once also respected has just made himself out to be the largest fool inside of Israeli politics.

Just a few months ago when he had all the military info at his finger tips he repeatedly said that Iran was an existential threat to Israel.

Now that Yaalon has left the Ministry of Defense and is no longer Defense minister, now that he has none of the immediate, up to date defense information on military threats he tells us all is fine and dandy in the Middle-East.

This is information that changes in hours if not minutes, now that Yaalon has none of this critical knowledge, now he can tell us that there are no existential threats facing Israel and we have nothing to worry about.

He also went on to say that the Netanyahu government was harming relations with America.

For real Boogie?

I guess Moshe forgot that as Defense Minister he insulted the Obama administration on numerous occasions. It got to the point where both Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barak Obama both refused to meet Yaalon.

What's interesting is how Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu stuck with the bumbling Yaalon even after he made so many political gaffes with our American allies.

Yet when Yaalon had to take one for the team, to make the coalition that he had been supporting stronger, he had a hissy fit, disrespected the Prime Minster and quit.

He followed up this class act by going to the, not so impartial, Israel media to cry in front of all of Israel about how he was mistreated.

Pathetic and also as I mentioned before, a FOOL!

But it is Herzog who is truly the most perplexing to me.

He wants to join the government with Bibi, he wants to be Foreign Minister. You know what he would be a good foreign minister too.

So he starts negotiations with Bibi.

Immediately after the fanatical left wing in his party hears about this, a few jackals, Herzog is threatened (the leader of their party) with the Jackals bolting the Zionist Union.

Instead of facing down this small part of his party, that does not represent the whole of the Zionist Union, and stands in contrast to the citizens of Israel, he backs down.

Here we have a man who can barely keep the sharks in his own party from devouring him and he wants to run the country.

Not so shockingly Herzog tried to play hero.

He behaved as if members of his party didn't threaten to leave him and placed the blame, the failure to form a National Unity Government on someone else's shoulders.

It would be wise for Herzog to crack open a history book and to look up one of Israel's greatest champions and greatest leaders, Prime Minister Golda Meir.

Golda took responsibility for the tragedy of the first days of the Yom Kippur war, even though she was just listening to her generals and the United States (which pressured Israel to take the initial blow and to not launch a pre-emotive strike, one of the most awful power plays used by America against Israel).

Memo to the supposed "Peace Seekers" of the Zionist Union, you literally foiled the closest chance there was to create movement toward negotiations. Good job, you phonies?

Herzog then blames Bibi for the demise of the coalition talks (not to mention Herzog is being investigated by the police for fraud) because Bibi decided to bring in Avigdor Lieberman and his five seats. It is important I remember that Avigdor Lieberman is a politician who has strongly backed the Two State Solution for a long time.

In the end I do believe more needs to be done by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to show the world we are serious about peace.

Bibi shouldn't just talk about how nice the Arab Peace plan is. He should take it, make the adjustments to the parts that he feels must be changed then give it to the Obama Administration and wait to hear back from the Saudis (this is probably happening as I write).

This would be good for all parties.

You can find many faults with Bibi as you can with all leaders who actually lead. I do believe this should be Bibi's last stay as Prime Minister (Nir Barkat will be a fine PM when Bibi does decide to retire) but the rest of those speaking against him are clowns in comparison.

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