Wednesday, June 8, 2016


⚜The Duke of the North⚜

One of the ways to quickly find a social justice fraud is when they start telling you about their minority friends. 

This is supposed to show everyone that they really get it. Or how down they are!

They love to flash this fake narrative.

As if this gives them some trump card that makes them know better then us silly block heads. 

It's garbage! 

It makes no difference if some of us have strived to read about every book about our land, the conflict with fascist, Arab colonialism and the problems Israel faces from water shortages to land shortages.

It makes no difference if we've lived here for 15 years, dedicating all those years to fighting for Israel and all Israelis.

No, we the people, who strongly backed peace under Ehud Barak and watched it go up in flames thanks to the rejection of peace and Palestinian Statehood by the Palestinian leadership; we are supposed to sit back and listen to the constant, ignorant rantings of those who believe they are intellectually smarter than us because they self-righteously think they want peace more than the rest of us because the sip on mint tea.

I still believe in peace. 

I still believe in the end Israel must ready itself to let go of land we hold very close to our heart. 

But I will no longer accept being lectured by those who put dreams in front of reality.

And the only time Israel should ever sign a peace accord with the Nazi offspring of Haj Amin al-Hussieni is when OUR demands are met. 

That's right, our demands, the Jewish Nations demands.

Part of this means, the fascist children of The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem must finally admit to the constant mistakes they have made and to the pain they have created to both the Jewish Nation State of Israel and to their own people, the Palestinian people. 

No peace should ever be accepted until the Arabs own the Nakba they created for themselves!

We've tried hard enough. 

Some haven't been here long enough to remember that Ehud Barak offered up Palestinian Statehood, just to have it spit back into the face of both him and American President Bill Clinton. 

Some haven't lived here long enough to remember that Ehud Olmert offered up the Clinton proposals, plus a little extra. To have it once again tossed back into his face by our friendly neighborhood Palestinians. 

But people like me, people who have seen first hand what the Arab Occupying Force thinks of the  peace and statehood Israel has offered up need not be lectured nor should we stand for the self-righteous rantings of those who put the freedom and self-determination of the Jewish people on the back burner.

Some of us were here, living in Israel when the Dolphinarium attack occurred. 

Some of us were here when the Palestinian, Arab Muslims killed and destroyed the sanctity of the Jewish people's Passover with the Park Hotel bombing. 

Yes, some of us have actually lived through the second intifada.

Some of us braved the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem daily during the second intifada and now we are being lectured by those who weren't here for it. What a sorry joke. 

We who have lived through it should not have to suffer the ignorance of those attempting to show us the side of the poor Muslim Arabs who rejected their own statehood, made war on the citizens of Israel and indiscriminately blew up Israelis and peace (committing war crimes with every suicide bombing). 

In fact most of these "Zionist" social justice warriors don't know enough history to know that Hamas was blowing up buses in Israel long before the second Intifada, they've been doing it since the Oslo Accords were signed. What does Jeremy Bem-Ami have to say about this?

I've Been there, I've done that ignorance.

To be completely honest, at times the complete arrogance and ignorance of these "Zionist" social justice warriors is unbearable. 

These saintly, know-it-alls should be forced to go home, crack open a few books and learn a little bit more about what has happened here in Israel. 

The complete and utter arrogance of those lecturing us, the majority of Israelis, but who have not been here to see what happens when the Nazi Arabs tread on the ideals of freedom is sickening.

For those who haven't survived a car bomb in Jerusalem, they should truly watch lecturing us about how much better they know our fascist Arab, Muslim friends called the Palestinians.

They'd do better to find a place inside the Bilal family tent. 

Shia, Sunni, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, The Tabah talks and the Olmert proposal; non of these ideological Jihadist movements or moments in time matter to them, just faulting Israel matters. That's what counts.

These fools don't even realize it.

If they really wanted to be down, they'd  be supporting the people, the Jewish people, who have an over 3,000 year historical right to Israel. 

If you really wanted to be down you'd realize that Israel is and always has been the David facing down the over billion strong Muslim/Arab Goliath that has been attempting to destroy the Jewish Nation state. 

You want to seriously take a stance on something? 

Fight back against the Arab/Muslim OIL machine that has been controlling international organizations by threat. 

Fight back against the corporations controlled by the largest of industries of the 20th and 21st centuries, the Oil and petroleum industry, what is also controlled by Arabist/Islam. Fight their attempts to commit another holocaust against the Jewish people in the name of Arabist/Islamist colonialism!

The actions of these supposed "Zionist" social justice warriors may truly come from ignorance, but their own actions against the Jewish people are truly unacceptable, ignorant or not!

These people will always be looking for an excuse to see the wrong in Israel. They believe this is journalism, it is not. 

And yes, their bumbling attempts to explain why they are trying to provoke confrontation with Jews celebrating Jerusalem Day are just pathetic attempts to disguise their self-hatred.

They stand silent and don't cover the anti-Semitic rantings of Mahmoud Abbas.

This is the same man that is supposedly our ticket to peace. Meanwhile he actually delivered a speech in March of this year saying that the Palestinian people were here before Abraham. 

That's right Mahmoud, forget about history, science or anything that has to do with reality, right. 

Maybe instead of blaming Israel for all the ills of our region, our "Zionist" social justice warriors would be wise to take a look at what is truly causing this conflict to continue.

In fact if these people want to call themselves journalists or activists they would do well to seek out the actual news, like say, why the root cause of this conflict has always been the Arab superiority complex, the Arab/Muslim racist and bigoted attempts to deny the scientifically proven fact that Israel is and has always been the homeland of the Jewish People.

That's news, that's truth. 

But guess what, it does not fit their AGENDA. 

The facts of this conflict are very simple. The truths are there for us to see if we choose.

Sadly they also challenge our beliefs and that is where all these people fail. They cannot accept the fact that they might have been wrong. It took me years to realize it, but I refuse to be an ostrich.

As always, pride is the killer of man.

Even when I backed vociferously The Clinton Parameters I was well aware of the undeniable fact that the Arabs and their made up brethren the Palestinians have been breaking international law since the United Nations adopted partition and Two States for Two peoples. 

It is also important to remember that the resolution does not stop there, it also clearly states, one Arab state and one Jewish state. 

Whether our "Zionist" social Justice warriors like it or not that means if the 20th. Century created Palestinian Arab people actually want a state, they must accept and recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State, period! 

Why don't you do an expose on this. This is true social justice. This is the fight against colonialism by the indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish people and their victory over tyrannical Arab/Islamist Nazi fascism. 

Or how countless Israeli attempts at making peace, countless offerings of Palestinian statehood have been rejected by the Arabs. 

Do you know what the "Three No's" of Khartoum were? 

Why don't you trace your history back to that Arab act of hostility and then ask your Muslim Arab buddies what happened. 

Ask them a hard question, why are they so intent on destroying Israel?

Again, none of this fits the agenda of the Haight and Ashbury dreamers, who claim to be supporters of Israel.

But in the end they must ask themselves a question. 

Is the destruction of Israel acceptable to them? If their answer is no, then it is time for them to wake up!


  1. i have concluded that "peace activist"
    are stupid or antisemitic. it is so clear that any peace agreement is the starting point for the next war that i no ;longer give those people the credit of good intention. it is their way to say lets destroy israel by using words like peace and justice. had enough.