Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Iron Lions of Zion

⚜The Duke of the North⚜

I love how so many in the world believe they have the right to judge Israel.

They just love to tell us Jews whether or not we have a right to be in our ethnic, cultural and ancestral homeland.

Forget about the fact that Arab/Muslims have been attempting to ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jews for centuries. This historical fact matters little to them.

Yet historical fact also tells us that Jews have been the majority in the major cities of Israel throughout history.

Forget about the intentional desecration of Jewish national landmarks in the name of Arabist/Islam.

Example, the intentional building of the Al-Aksa mosque on the the Temple Mount. This act of Arab/Muslim, colonialist desecration of the Jewish people's most sacred national site is a war crime and it matters not that it happened thousands of years ago.

An attempt to erase the history of the Jewish people and to defeat the Jewish soul, this is the constant of the European/Arab invented Palestinian people.

Forget about the fact that over the centuries, whenever it was possible Jews from Middle-Eastern countries and European countries (long before the great Aliyot) returned to Israel.

Forget about the fact that Palestine is first and foremost a European invented name, thanks to our Roman friends.

Forget about the fact that archeology here in Israel digs up ancient Jewish/Hebrew/Israelite artifacts.

Someone as intelligent as Christopher Hitchens (R.I.P) or Dr. Cornell West, both men who I have tremendous respect for as intellectuals can still be blatantly anti-Semitic without intending to be anti-Semitic.

They simply know so little of the facts when it comes to Zionism and the historical connection between the Jewish Homeland of Israel.

At times it is shocking with Dr. West, but one must attribute his hatred of Jews who believe they deserve freedom and self-determination in the birthplace of the Jewish Nation, to that ancient anti-Semitism that flourished once in Europe and that has risen up in Europe again.

When I hear these people speak of the Jewish people and the rights they might or might not deserve, I am flabbergasted.

They don't speak like this about any other nation, isn't that interesting.

Certainly not the Palestinians, a people that factually did not exist 100 years ago, a people created by a Nazi war criminal, a people whose national aspirations are still built on Nazi policies. A people whose leaders still promise a Jew Free State of Palestine.

What is it that is so hard for these people to grasp inside the words The Children of Israel?

We are, and have always been, a nation first and foremost. A nation based on a culture, a culture connected to laws and a culture connected 100% to the land of Israel.

The ethnic, cultural nationality was founded by the Jewish people for the Jewish people and it has kept us together in the face of the worst oppression any people or nation has ever faced on the world scene, period.

Our nation may be made up of people of many different colors, from all corners of the world. This is thanks to the ethnic cleansing of our homeland by Europeans, Arabs and then Ottoman Turks; but this incorporation of others into our nation, does not make us any less Jewish, or any less of a nation, in fact it has made us much stronger.

In the end, the Jewish Nation, of all colors, has always called out to our land, the Land of Israel. By doing this we never forgot our land or where we came from. We have never forgotten the city that the Jewish King David made so famous and that is why every year we always say "Next year in Jerusalem".

Fact, now one says "next year in Al-Quds" not even the Palestinians!

And yet, even with the simpleton outlook on what Zionism is by intelligent people like say Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Cornel West. We the Jewish people, the indigenous people of Israel, we have risen up in our land, like our forefathers before us, the Maccabees and thrown off the yoke of fascist Arabist/Islamist colonialism.

In the face of the promised genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people by the Arabs we Jews managed to redeem and to reignite our nation.

In the face of their promise to finish Hitlers job we won back our freedom and self determination.

In doing this we also became the only country in the Middle-East that offers complete freedom to 1.5 million Israeli Arabs, 150,000 Israeli Druze and a couple thousand Israeli Circassians. We are the only country in the Middle-East that offers complete freedom for the LGBT community, more so than any other Western Democracy.

We are the one democracy in the middle-east.

 We are the hope of all down-trodden, indigenous peoples of the world who are seeking freedom and self-determination from oppressors (mostly Arab/Muslim oppressors)!

This is Zionism, Zion lives everyday inside the soul of the Jewish people in our homeland, Israel.

You can take the Jew out of Israel, but you can never take Israel out of the Jew! And remember this, all citizens of Israel, are the Iron Lions of Zion!

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