Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Truth of It All

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Two days ago the Ynet internet news site featured and opinion article written by Ben Dror Yemini.

I have never read, seen nor heard someone better explain why anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism are racist and is anti-Semitism. 

Mr. Yemini sums up the anti-Semitic situations we are watching in England, The EU, on university campuses worldwide and through policies carried out by the Obama administration. 

Most amazing, Ben Dror Yemini does this using only one paragraph. 

"There is no difference between denying Jews individual rights, which is the definition of anti-Semitism, and denying Jews the right to define themselves as a collective, which amounts to anti-Zionism." Ben Dror Yemini 

The disgusting attempt to rob the most ancient of nations, the Jewish Nation, of their most basic freedoms in their land, freedoms guaranteed by international LAW, are being led today mostly by fascist left wingers, fake liberals, fake academics and Social Justice Warriors.

These fools and racists who supposedly preach tolerance and fight for freedom are deeply involved in the oldest form of racism. It is called anti-Semitism and they are without a doubt anti-Semites.

 We Jews who love our nation and love our nation state should never shy away from calling these Jew-Haters what they are!

The Jews/Children of Israel/The Hebrews seem to be only people capable of uniting the two major colonialist powers of the world, the White Aryan World and the Arab Islamic Aryan World.

We Jews seem to be able to bring these to colonialist competitors together in their hatred. It makes sense to a degree, being that the Jewish Nation was here in Israel long before Christianity and even longer before Arabs and Islam.

The Quran is one big copyright theft of the Tanach. 

So of course the Arabs and the Muslims detest the hard fought freedom the Jews have attained.

They despise the fact that we "the weak Jews" were capable of tossing of their colonial yoke, regaining our indigenous rights and self-determination in our land, the land of Israel. 

They know we did this even with their constant colonization, ethnic cleansing and general attempts of destruction. 

Israel is the mark of hope for all indigenous people the world over but especially for those still living under the colonialist yoke of Arab oppressors, the Kurds, the Aramaic people, Armenians, Berbers and the Coptic Christians. 

For others like the Basques, the Tibetans and the Native Americans, Israel is proof that if you are patient, keep your ethnic culture, your unique laws, your attachment to your land and your language you can regain your freedom in your indigenous lands..

The perverse attempts by many, the world over, to rationalize international anti-Semitism and to try to re-write history is being done just to steal away hope from these other indigenous peoples I have mentioned above.

The racist, colonialist resolutions being passed against Israel and the Jewish people at the UN condones anti-Semitism, and this is a cancer. 

One hundred and fifty one years since the passing of the first Geneva Conventions, today from the Whitehouse to the United Nations security council we have an international group of gangsters calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria.

How can this be in the Twenty First Century?

The fact that there are many today demanding that the Jews recognize a people that were invented in the 20th century, a people that literally did not exist before the 1900's and whose sole purpose is to promote the destruction and theft of another indigenous people is also a sickness akin to cancer. 

Today, if you dare open a history book, if you look back two hundred years you will find the Jewish People, you will find them living in Israel, you will even find that they were a majority living in Israel.

What you won't find is a Palestinian people, or a country called Palestine or even an ethnic culture linked to Palestinians. 

Simply put the Arabs, a people who invaded, colonized and usurped the Jewish Peoples identity and culture and land; are not the indigenous people of the land as their name makes very clear. 

Saying so is but a sick joke! Those supporting this cause may have been bamboozled and hoodwinked into believing, but many know, in truth they are supporting Colonialization over indigenous rights. 

Of course the only way such nonsense could happen is simple, because it is happening to the MOST trod upon people the world has known, the Jewish people and their home Israel! 

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