Sunday, May 8, 2016

Today's Threats

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

After the delegitimization of Israel there are three names that sum up Israel's greatest challenges, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran.

All three are threats to Israel with or without nuclear weapons.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran have been in the business of killing Israelis and Jews since Ayatollah Khomeini came to power.

All believe they serve and are fighting for G-d.

Hezbollah and Iran fight for Shia Islam, Hamas the Sunni doctrine.

They are inherently anti-Semitic and seek the destruction of Israel and the whole of the Jewish People at any cost.

Hezbollah and Iran are attempting to establish a Shia dominant system in the Middle-East at the expense of some of the "Moderate" Sunni states.

Two years ago The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) conducted a simulation of what would happen if Hezbollah carried out a cross border attack against IDF positions in the Har Dov area and against communities in the Golan Heights region.

Their estimate was that a major conflict would not ensue.

Reading that assessment blow my mind away, it was as if the history of the last forty nine years had been tossed out of the window by the INSS.

My immediate estimate, was that estimates like this one were no good.

It was estimates like this that lead Gamal Abdel Nassar to believe his own rhetoric and remove the UN from the Sinai Peninsula which lead to the Six Day War.

Estimates like this lead Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nashrallah to believe that Israel was a spider's web, or a paper tiger, and from this came the war of 2006.

Russia's military assistance has given Assad false hope that he might actually be able to keep Syria. That hope is eroding now that Russia has grown tired of Assad and his bullshit.

Iran and Hezbollah are more aware of what is happening on the ground and they are more desperate, but they have also made it clear that they will stick by Assad.

Throughout the Syrian civil war Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have lost key ground in Syria time after time.

Hezbollah has been outwitted and outplayed by ISIS' who has been using "Hezbollah" tactics to great success.

Hezbollah has been beaten numerous times on the Syrian and Iraqi battlefield, at their own game.

Hezbollah has even become vulnerable inside of Lebanon.

Every Middle-Eastern analyst has been hung up on the mantra that Hezbollah has become a battle hardened force from the Syrian battlefield.

They are right, but their analysis lacks some of the most important facts to come off of the battle field in Syria.

Hezbollah has moved from being a terrorist militia to a Shia terrorist army. Like all armies they have a format and structure that makes them easier to combat and to target.

Hezbollah has lost many of their best front line soldiers in Syria. To the point that Shia Lebanese mothers have been demanding that Hezbollah pull out of Syria in totality.

Sound familiar?

Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are still stuck in a quagmire that is not going to end anytime soon.

Up until now their foes have been nothing like Israel.

For Hezbollah, messing with Israel is not even the same league. First it spells out the complete destruction of Lebanon and all that has been rebuilt since Hezbollah's last adventurism in 2006.

Today the Arab political map has changed too. The Arab League has labeled Hezbollah a terrorist organization! They definitely will not have the love they had in 2006, in fact if they were to start a conflict with Israel in desperation they might face the anger of the whole Sunni world.

Hezbollah has proven on countless occasions to have weak offensive capabilities on the ground. The battle of Qusayr and the need for Vladimir Putin to involve Russia in the Syrian civil war to save Bashar al-Assad is proof of this.

ISIS has even managed to kill Iranian Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Hamid Taghavi in Syria.

In no way does this mean Israel can let down its guard.

All of the analysts seem to forget that Israel and its Homefront have become battle hardened too, by the three wars they have had to fight in the Gaza Strip. Some of the hardest fighting there is in this world.

All of this has made these three entities of terror, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas desperate enough to do something very illogical concerning Israel.

At this very moment we are witnessing the results of this desperation from Hamas.

The IDF has created a solution to the Hamas terror tunnel. Now, as Hamas' Ace up the Sleeve is   being destroyed they've revealed how truly worried they are by firing mortars at Israeli soldiers working on the Israeli border with Gaza.

All of this spells out one important fact. There is a gigantic keg of dynamite that has been set by the horrible foreign policy of the Obama Administration.

If Hezbollah decides to light this keg, Israel will without a doubt endure painful times, but for the peoples of Lebanon and Gaza it will be a catastrophic end, meaning the end of Lebanon and Gaza as we know them.

It will also give Israel the green light to target Iran's nuclear sites and to possibly finish the Assad regime.

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