Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Truth of Palestinian Colonilaism, AKA, The Nakba

⚜The Duke of the North⚜

Last week Israel celebrated her Sixty-Eighth birthday.

Psssst.....guess what, much to the regressive lefts regret, (even those that know some Palestinians, wink, wink and can speak for how noble their cause is) the Palestinians are doing what they do best: expressing their racist hatred of Jews and the Jewish nation/state.

The Palestinians do this annually by taking to the streets of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip in memory of what?

The Catastrophe.

This is what the Palestinians call the Creation of the Jewish, democratic state. The catastrophe was their inability to fulfill the Nazi guidelines for a final solution laid out by Haj Amin al-Husseini

It is not their rejection of international law, by their own leadership in 1948 when they rejected the two state solution that is the catastrophe.

It is not the fact that the people who call themselves the Palestinians are the offspring of the same nation that attempted to finish, as they love to say in Hamas land " Hitlers good work" the annihilation of Jewish people.

No this dark stain is not what makes this a catastrophe for the Arabs, this is an honor for them.

It is the fact that the indigenous people, the Jewish people, threw off the shackles of Arab oppression.

When Israel freed itself from the oppression of Muslim, Arab hegemony, when the Children of Israel regained their millennial old indigenous rights of their people; right then and there the Arabs new this would have a domino effect (i.e. The Kurds, South Sudanese, Berber and etc.) for all the indigenous peoples of the Middle-East.

Israeli Memorial Day centers on remembering the children of Israel who have been killed fighting in her defense.

Palestinian Memorial Day (the Nakba) is built on the Palestinian Arab anger and frustration that they were not able to destroy and annihilate the Jews.

Our FREEDOM is a TRAGEDY to the Palestinians, this is why they are and have always been a racist colonialist bunch of Nazis, it is why we are free and they are not!

In more precise words, the premise of the Nakba is nothing but racist, anti-Semitic fervor.

Today, instead of taking responsibility for rejecting international law, the legal UN partition of the land into an Arab and Jewish state, the Palestinians simply wish to blame the nation they attacked and to which they lost.

The Palestinian theory is asinine, somewhat like a rapist trying to blame the woman he raped for wearing clothes that were just to attractive.

This is the root of why peace has never been achieved -- not settlements in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank today). The true colonialist, occupiers and settlers have always been the Arabs.

Example number one, Saeb Erekat, who just loves to tell Israel that it has a choice between Peace or Apartheid.

Yet Mr. Erekat is always ready to promise the Palestinian people that not a single Jew will be allowed to live in the state of Palestine. Psssst......can you understand that?

He also conveniently forgets to mention that any citizen living in the Palestinian Authority TODAY who sells land to a Jew can receive the death penalty. Pssssst......hey what's the excuse for this racism?

Israel will not, I repeat WILL NOT sign any peace if the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish democratic state.

I am not interested in the suffering of a people that continues to bring suffering upon itself through its racist, anti-Semitic behavior. Sell that garbage to people who haven't suffered what the people of Israel have suffered.

Let's make it simple.

The IDF fought to save the state of Israel from Five (Egypt, Syria, Trans-Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq) invading Arab armies that promised to "throw the Jews into the sea". The Arabs inside of Israel fought alongside the invading armies, that my friends is the catastrophe.

The greedy, racist Arabs living inside of Israel truly believed what they were being told. They were told that the Jews would be push overs and when the war was over not only would they return to their homes, they'd be able to take the cream of the crop of Jewish possessions. Pssssst....that is what they believed and more importantly what they hoped for.

Telling Israeli Jews that they need to understand the people who tried to rape, murder and commit genocide against them is the epitome of depravity. you get that?

Sadly, the Palestinians seem incapable of realizing that as long as they see Israel as a “catastrophe” and continue to seek her destruction, their nation will fail.

Israel fights for her freedom; not to oppress.

Israel has continually shown she is ready to accept a Palestine when that people is ready to accept Israel for what she is: the Jewish nation/state.

The Palestinians fight to conquer, oppress and annihilate one entity: Israel.

They do not fight for freedom; they never have.

If they truly did, they could have had it years ago.

The Palestinians’ national and political movement is based solely on destroying Jewish freedom, self-determination and the national home of the Jews, Israel; not on creating a state of their own.

It is the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians who are the racists, who advocate a colonialist Arab take-over of an eighty percent Jewish State.

Nakba Day is nothing more than a Palestinian love-fest of racist and anti-Semitic mentality.

We Israelis should be out in force to counter-protest this detestable day of Palestinian colonialism.

And let's make this clear.

The only reason to ever talk about this day of Arab colonial hatred is to remind the next generation of Israelis, our children, of the atrocities committed by the colonialist Arab Occupation Force (the Palestinians) against Israeli Jews, Druze, Baha'i, Circassians, Armenians and Israeli Arabs (not Palestinian Arabs); that is all of the Children of Israel.

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