Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Open Letter to MK Ayman Odeh

⚜The Duke of the North⚜

An Open Letter To Knesset Member Ayman Odeh,

After reading your intentional, malicious attack, mocking the Prime Minister of Israel in the name of all Israeli Arabs you have finally convinced me 100% that you are the fraud I thought you to be.

You came to power at the head of the The Joint List. You claimed to be the first Israeli Arab who would work to bridge the divide between Israeli Jews and our Arab Co-Patriots.

Mr. Odeh you promised a new face, one geared for fighting for the rights of Israeli Arabs (you know your constituents) instead of the endless lies and hysterics in the Knesset for the Palestinian Authority.

Boy did you fool us.

For the record Mr. Odeh, today inside of Israel proper the majority of Israelis at 80% are Jewish. Another 2% are Russian immigrants connected to the Jewishness of Israel. That leaves 18% Arabs who are either Muslim, Christian or Druze.

The Druze population today is still as fiercely supportive of Israel and Zionist as ever.

Many Christians view themselves today as Assyrians (which they are of course) and are moving away from the Cold War relic of your poisonous Arab supremacists politics to a more pro-Israel stance and are choosing to serve in the IDF or do Community Service, which is all volunteering on their part.

Sadly for Israeli Arabs all they want are leaders who finally put their communities first.

They believed in you.

You have officially destroyed that hope with this mockery of video you made. You lied to your people, you most certainly do not stand for inclusion.

Instead you and your gangsters are to busy flying around on P.A  private jets, or are worrying about having private meetings with Mahmoud Abbas in the Muqata.

And your comments about our country being racist, what a shame that is.

The only racists inside of Israel are the Israeli Arabs on the joint list. Never a day missed trying to delegitimize Israel, never an opportunity missed to steal and appropriate the Jewish Nations history.

Yes Mr. Odeh, as our Prime Minister and yourself have said Israeli Arabs have succeeded greatly in Israel!

But of course you must immediately follow that statement up with more of your arrogant lies.

According to you, this success has come all by yourselves. What nonsense, what a loaded lie filled with innuendo.

You've succeeded where Syrians have failed, where Jordanians have failed, where Iraqi's, Egyptians, Libyans, Tunisians, Yemenis, Lebanese, Saudis and of course the Palestinians have all failed.

Why, how?

Where all of these Arab, Muslim nations have failed or are failing, or rule with an Iron fist, you have lived and been an integral part of the only democratic nation in all of the Middle-East.

You have succeeded because you DO enjoy all the rights of being a citizen of the Jewish, Democratic Nation State of Israel. You enjoy the freedom of speech, religion and of employment.

This is why you are successful and you should never forget it!

In fact you enjoy freedoms that no other Arabs enjoy the world over. Not even in America or Canada.

Mr. Odeh your success is proof that your comments are noting more than foul lies emanating from your mouth.

You have succeeded because of the freedoms and the opportunities of the society your were lucky enough to be born in, Israeli society.

But here lies the problem, when you look a gift horse in the mouth bad things happen.

Most Israelis are getting sick of your lies, your racism and your attempts to create anger between Israeli Jews and Israel Arabs.

In fact I know most Israel Arabs feel Israeli and would never want to be part of a Palestinian State, the thought sends shivers down their backs.

So, Mr. Joint List you'd better start listening to your constituents before you loose your job.

Who knows, maybe next election they'll be a true Israeli Arab party. Maybe Israeli Arabs seeking to create better lives for themselves and their families inside of Israel and alongside their Jewish co-patriots will finally have someone to vote for.

I've heard of a young leader, Mohammed Zoubi. Maybe it is time for the
Knesset to except a new Zoubi into its ranks, this time leading a party that fights for Israeli Arabs!

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