Tuesday, July 5, 2016


By Sig Demling.

With never-ending threats to Israel emanating from Hezbollah and Iran on one front and Hamas plus the PLO on the others, one would think that Israelis would better appreciate the danger.

To their credit, Israelis under fire have more back one than any other national or racial group and have proven it merely by the State's survival.

But there comes a time when the overwhelming hatred generated by the Arabs persuade Israeli Jews to once and for all stop their intra-bickering and unite.

That's not to say that the likes of Tzipi Livni and her Leftists cohorts should bow at Bibi's footstool. Far from it.

Yet when Israeli's of all ages are targeted in the bedrooms, on the highways at the Kotel -- everywhere, the time has come to once and for all stop the political in-fighting and together fight the Arab enemy.

Forget about the "Two State Solution" which only could work in an Alice In Wonderland universe but the in the reality of our Middle East.

From Right all the way to the Israeli Left, it must be self-evident that there aren't a dozen Palestinians of power who would want anything but the destruction of Israel.

This isn't new news but the intensity of the threats, North, West and South, has grown proportionally over the years and now is compounded by ISIS and whatever other Islamic murder group is created in the next month or year.

Apart from the Quisling Arab MKs, from which no good ever will come, Israeli politicians must come together.

Incessant attacks against the Prime Minister do exactly no good except for the enemy who prefers an Israel split in little parts so that the Arabs then could achieve their ultimate objective -- divide and conquer.

There are not normal times for Israel; no different from Great Britain in the early 1940s when it was incumbent on the English to unite behind Winston Churchill.

It was the right way and the only way.

Now it should be ditto for Netanyahu.

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