Monday, August 8, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Jill Stein, you are the epitome of a Capo sell out!

That's right, I've written it and I'm not going to apologize for it either, even if this makes this my last blog.

I hope it makes you feel good mingling with all the Nazis BDS supporters out there holding their bullshit placards about Apartheid, a word and system they don't even understand and that has nothing to do with Israel.

You're as foul as the lies and the innuendo you spread.

I'm done with deviant Jew Haters like you!

And to all the weak American Jews out there who won't stand up to you, who are afraid of being a proud Jew.

Your pathetic!

What, because the new in thing; being a fascist, politically correct, social justice warrior who fights to suppress all the freedoms of a democracy disapproves of you for supporting Jewish Rights, freedom and self-determination; because of this you're going to side against your own BLOOD.

Grow a backbone!

I'm tired of playing nice, I'm tired of holding my tongue and I'm tired of being politically correct with Jew hating, inebriated jackasses.

Furthermore, these Jew hating Nazis had better not set foot in MY own country Israel.

It's sickening that anti-Semitism is hip again.

My people have suffered enough because of the Jill Steins of the world and the ignorant assholes who support the Qatari funded, Nazi, Arab supremacists groups like the BDS.

It makes no difference to me whether it's being done because your an ignorant fool who can't read more than a page of a book. Or if it's being done by those who know better, those like Jill Stein; a traitor to her own people.

The only reason why these racist Jew haters can get away with this murder is simply because Israel is the JEW AMONG THE NATIONS! And that is sick, foul and evil.

This fool (Ben Carson has proven doctors can be the biggest fools) supposedly stands for Liberal, progressive values. I'm so tired of liberals selling out their principles to side with the most racist, homophobic, chauvinistic and colonialist nation there is, Arab Muslims. I'm sick of liberals siding against the indigenous people of Israel, the Jews. Who built one of the most liberal countries in the world. And they support these Nazi Arabs who have alway said their mission is to commit genocide against Jews simply to soothe their tender egos.

Jill Stein, guess what, you are no liberal!

I don't know what happened to you Jill, I don't know what club you weren't allowed into because you are a Jew, but turning that into the anti-Semitism, the pure lies and Jew hatred you spew certainly isn't moral and it certainly isn't liberal.

Liberal, progressive and democratic that's Israel Jill Stein, but you side with Fascist, Islamist Nazis, people who are not afraid to give the Nazi salute of Hitler. Jill Stein you are EVIL!

And you know what Jill take your American arms money and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Israel did fine without it until the eighties when you basically forced it on us as a way to control Israel.

You probably don't know this Jill Stein but it's Israel that is saving California with desalinization, it's Israel that has built what is now the best missile defense system in the world, one America is taking advantage of. You want to boycott Israel? Then go find yourself a cave you fool because just about everything you use in the modern world has something to do with Israel!

So keep your corrupting money.

But Jill Stein, be sure of one thing, if Israel does not need to play nice to appease an American government that has supported Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood; well then you know what, the Palestinians, or better to call them what they really are the Arab Occupying Force in Judea and Samaria, might find out what oppression really is.

I wonder Jill Stein, do you even understand that Israel has three times tried to relieve itself of the "oppressive occupation" you talk of. And three times the Arabs occupying Jewish land (land that has been Jewish for thousands of years, land that was promised to the Jewish Nation by the League of Nations and at the San Remo conference, that's called international law Jill) rejected peace, compromise and Palestinian Statehood.

No Jill Stein, Israel accepted Palestinian Statehood in 1948, even after the International community went back on its word and stole Jewish Land to give to the Arabs.

No Jill Stein, you are a liar and you have no clue how much Israel has tried to to create peace, while the Arabs have always chosen KILLING JEWS and KILLING JEWISH FREEDOM IN THE JEWISH HOMELAND!

Jill do you and your BDS Nazi colleagues remember that there was no wall around Judea and Samaria until Arafat decided to make war against Israeli civilians after he rejected the Clinton  Proposal and Palestinian Statehood?

Jill Stein don't EVER talk of what you would do if you were Israeli. You don't deserve to hold the title of being Israeli!

You are not Israeli and you have no clue what it feels like to live under rocket fire. In fact no one does but the English and we saw what they did to Dresden. Imagine if Israel pulled a Dresden on Gaza with our tech. There wouldn't be an Arab alive in the Gaza Strip if we did. You have no idea how it feels to put all of your heart and soul, to be ready to give up land that is sacred to the Jewish Nation, to stand behind peace and then to see all of it destroyed, burned up by the Arab Nazis!

So don't you dare to even think you can lecture Israel about peace, oppression or racism you self-righteous hag!

Jill what is it that you and your Nazi loving BDS comrades don't understand?


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