Sunday, September 11, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

The Social Justice Warriors running the White House are at it again.

It is nice to know that the forced removal of a group of people is called ethnic cleansing by all standards and organizations. It is also nice to know thanks to Ban Ki Moon and the Obama White House that the only time these types of actions don't constitute ethnic cleansing is when it deals with Jews, or to be more exact Jews living in their homeland, Judea and Samaria.

Everyone is angry at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Why you ask?

Because Bibi has dared to tell the painful truth. The truth that Bibi told rips straight through to the core of everything that makes America great.

Bibi's words dig at the soul, the fabric, the culture and the laws that make America great. 

It exposes the racist, colonialist and clearly anti-Semitic attitude taken by Barak Obama’s White House toward the indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish People.

As always the European Union and most international bodies are following the Obama lead.

The Arabs occupying Jewish Land in Judea and Samaria are demanding a state of their own.

On top of this they are also demanding that this supposed country of theirs be judenrein. In other words Jew free.

This is just what their Nazi forefather Haj Amin al-Husseini had once dreamed.

This is the truth of it.

Countless Palestinian leaders have promised their people that Palestine will be Jew free. Here are some vivid examples.

Just listen to Abbas, "Not a Single Israeli will be allowed to live in Palestine"

If that isn't ethnic cleansing then what is?

Imagine Bibi saying not one Palestinian will be allowed to live in Israel!

Yet instead of the Obama Administration — especially the State Department — punishing Abbas, inc. its anti-Semitic behavior the Arabs are rewarded.

How dare this administration talk about Trump being a racist when it is willing to aid and assist the anti-Semitic behavior of the Palestinian Authority.

Of course it is racist and anti-Semitic to say that Jews cannot build homes in Judea and Samaria. Imagine if Israel passed laws saying no more Arabs could live inside of Israel.

And of course the idea that Jews would have to leave their homes in Judea and Samaria once a Palestinian State is formed is, in fact, ethnic cleansing.

If such a hypothetical Palestinian state ever is formed, every Jew who now lives on the land there should be allowed to remain where precisely where they are, 

They would receive Palestinian citizenship and be given the freedom and protection Israeli Arabs receive from Israel. 

But hey, when has President Barack Obama missed an opportunity to pick a fight with Israel, PM Netanyahu or for that matter with the majority of the citizens of Israel? Never!

What’s more — over the past eight years — the White House policies vis-a-vis Israel has encouraged such nut organizations as BDS, Students for Justice in Palestine and similar groups to forcefully attack Israel.

But this attitude is to be expected from an administration that believes it is cool to give Iran, the world’s largest supporter of state terrorism and the creator of ISIS, $36 billion in unmarked cash.

I fervently hope that Bibi stands firm. 

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