Wednesday, September 14, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov,

I have just finished reading your little message, or better put, warning to my country concerning the actions of the militia of mass murdering (500,000 at the least) dictator Bashar al-Assad and Israel’s response to his militia’s shooting of mortars into our country.

Minister Lavrov, you seem to think that the use of chemical weapons, barrel bombing innocent civilians and the general mass murder of Sunni Muslims does not constitute war crimes, nor do these actions make one a terrorist. 

Well I beg to differ.

Let me take the time to inform you Foreign Minister Lavrov, that you and Czar Vladimir Putin have been backing the worst terrorists of the Twenty First Century. Just because they happen to be Alawites and Shia does not subtract the fact that they are terrorists. 

Your allies have committed the first and worst genocide of the Twenty First Century. 

They have done so against the Syrian people without batting an eyelid and could not have committed this carnage nor created the ISIS group in backlash without your help.

Now you expect Israel to sit by as the regime that created ISIS, the Assad regime, lobs mortars into Sovereign Israeli territory.

Well thank you very much, it was nice doing business with you but Israel is not the Obama Administration. 

As our Prime Minster has made very clear we will not except Hezbollah on our border.

Nor will we sit idly by as Assad’s militia of clowns shoots mortars and rockets into Israel.

According to the world media, you and Secretary of State, John Kerry have finally been able to work out a cease-fire agreement that is supposed to end the Syrian Civil War (I find that to be a bit of a joke being that intense fighting is carrying on over the border in Syria as I write). 

Minister Lavrov, would it not be a pity to have to work out another cease-fire agreement after Israel has destroyed what is left of the Assad Regime?

It is interesting that the militia men fighting for the war criminal Assad fired two S-200 anti-aircraft missiles around the same time you gave your little threat. These missiles are less a threat to IAF planes as they are a threat to commercial airliners. 

Now they did so long after our planes had finished bombing regime artillery cannons. This is still a flagrant violation of understandings made between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Czar Putin.

You are no better at keeping your word then President Barack Obama. 

We know of course that the Syrians would not dare do something of this magnitude without your approval. And of course this is why it was done after our planes had already left the scene.

But that still makes no difference and this is without a doubt cause for great concern.

It indicates that you are not fully aware of how serious Israel takes a development of this kind. 

Whether it be the Syrian militia or the Hezbollah militia, the introduction of surface to air missiles is a redline Israel will never accept.

I imagine the next time around they will be destroyed.

FM Lavrov, you need to ask yourself are you really interested in a conflict with Israel? 

If you are continue down this path of bellicose rhetoric and it will surely lead you to greater conflict. 

Maybe you do not understand the thinking of Arab Regimes.

Maybe you need to open up some Soviet documental history to see the disasters Russia has brought down upon Arab regimes by inflating their ego’s. 

Let’s start with Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Six Day War, then of course Anwar Sadat, Hafez al-Assad and the Yom Kippur War and lastly Operation Mole Cricket and the Syrian Air-Force. 

Assad is barely hanging onto power, continue this way Foreign Minister Lavrov and he won’t be in power.

After watching rebel footage attacking the Syrian Militia on the Syrian side of Mt. Hermon it is pathetic (it may be pathetic but I of course always believe Israel can never underestimate her enemies) that Assad’s militia, with Hezbollah and Iranian help and your bombers are still getting their asses handed to them by rebels using World War One rifles and some RPG’s.

Foreign Minister Lavrov if having a warm water port is so essential to you and Czar Putin, we have a few to offer, Ashdod, Eilat and Haifa. They are also far more up to date then what Syria can offer. 

And I am sure the Egyptians would be happy to accommodate you, I hear Alexandria is beautiful. 

Foreign Minister Lavrov, is it really worth propping up a regime with the blood of half a million to a million people on their hands to keep your warm water port, is it worth it to come into conflict with Israel?  

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