Sunday, January 22, 2017

Marching Into Slavery

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Ok, I'm done.

How stupid are you people?

I truly love how you claim to be marching for women's rights.

Yet like so many people today you just did not have the time to back-check who it was that put together your little get together.

Do you know who also liked to march?

The Nazis, they loved marching.

As do the chauvinistic, anti-Semitic, Hamas/Nazi's who put together your little Women's March.

Jihadist, Hamas and Sharia law supporting people like Linda Sansour, the woman behind this show of hatred, have nothing to do with feminism. Hence why Ms. Sansour blocked everyone who questioned her on how one could be a feminist and while also supporting sharia law. A true oxymoron!

The same woman who put together your hate filled anti-American, anti-Trump march was doing so, not to fight for women, but to once again, following the standard of AJ+, to make America look bad again.

You people really are deaf, dumb and blind.

Linda Sansour represents the Muslim Brotherhood, supported by Qatar who poured millions into Clinton.

They have been attacking Trump (who I voted against) ever since they realized he had a chance to beat Clinton.

You are literally being run by Wahhabi Sunni fanatics.

Ohhhh and I just love Angela Davis mentioning Palestine.

Let me ask you a question, what does Palestine have to do with feminism, or a March for the freedom of women?

Ohhh well I guess if she was talking about the vile, chauvinist, honor killing, wife beating, repressive side of the Arab Muslim culture of the squatters (who constantly rape the wealthy, far-left American and European agitators who come over to work with them) in Judea and Samaria; well then we would have some facts and a connection, but that was not  Ms. Davis' point.

Big "Islamic" Brother busted down the door and you just let him walk right into the house of feminism and rape the cause of women's rights. And you marched right along side him.

Scary, literally scary!

Here is what you have done by joining this march.

You have supported a march paid for and put together by Qatar, the Nation that runs both the African Slave Trade and the World Female-Sex Slave Trade.

Why don't you try a Klan march next!

By marching with these people and therefore for these people  (it makes no difference if you did not know who planned it) you were working for the people who carry out the worst crimes against women.

By taking part in this march you did not help women's rights in anyway, but you did strengthen a regime, Qatar, an organization, the Muslim Brother that believes women are not just second class citizens, but are sub-human.

You just went to work for the devil himself with the worst track record of women's rights.

By doing this, by taking part in this you have literally defecated on the sacred movement of True Feminism.

Let us get something real clear, you literally would not know what a feminists was if one came up to you and bit you straight on your ass!

My mother was a feminist, a true feminist. My mother had a women's book store in the Village long before many of you were alive. My mother fought for the rights of women, she fought against the horrid concept of what Sharia Law does to women.

My mother, a True Feminist is rolling in her grave thanks to what you morons have done to the movement for the rights and FREEDOMS of women.

My mother, who marched during truly dangerous times, is rolling in her grave because you, YOU, go out and protest for a fanatical, chauvinistic, racists movement and YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT! Why? Because you would never take the time to find out who is pushing you forward.

You know, they do a whole lot of marching in Animal Farm too and this march was 1984 and Animal farm wrapped up with a nice little Sharia bow-tie.

Sure, women's rights, together with Sharia Law, fools.

Women's rights while calling for the destruction of Israel, which means a second Holocaust.

Nice work.


I will carry on my mothers work fighting against the enslavers of women, fighting against the Sharia laws that deprive women of their natural rights.

I will do that while you continue grazing in the meadow. Better yet, I will continue my mothers battle for the Women's Equality, while you keep marching like good little lemmings into mental slavery.

Stay asleep, I will stay woke!

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