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Obama's Smoking Gun, The Bullet In The Back of Israel

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If ever one needed proof of how deeply connected the Obama administration has become to the Palestinian cause of destroying Israel all they need to do is read the quote below.

There is so much proof in the media to the pernicious behavior of this American Administration.

Below is the aforementioned excerpt from an article inside of The Middle East Research Institute.

Rice "Stressed The Danger Posed By The Trump Administration"

Rice, the report stated, "stressed the danger posed by the Trump administration, which could take a position different from that of all American administrations since 1967 on the issue of Palestine and Israel. She emphasized that she took seriously statements about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and the Trump administration's view of the settlements."

Kerry and Rice "advised Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas to not take any preliminary steps that could provoke the Trump administration, such as dismantling the PA, turning to the International Criminal Court, or ending security coordination with Israel," said the report, adding: "They [also] stressed the need to avoid military action or martyrdom [attacks], as these would greatly jeopardize the Palestinian position.

"They praised the substantial efforts of the Palestinian security apparatuses, specifically Palestinian [general] intelligence, led by Majid Faraj, as part of what they called 'the struggle against terrorism.' [The two] maintained that Palestinian-American collaboration in this area is among the closest of all the coordination between American apparatuses and security forces in the region."

Here is where Kerry made an extremely stupid mistake. I try not to use the word stupid when I write, but there really is no other way of explaining the behavior and actions of John Kerry and Saeb Erekat.

This failure on their part to understand the dynamic that now exists between Israel and Egypt was also a failure by the Left-Leaning analysts of the Hebrew press.

Kerry and Erekat failed to realize that Egypt values its alliance with Israel more so then just about any other relationship it has in the diplomatic world.

It was Kerry's arrogance that let him overlook the facts. It is Israel that is keeping the Egyptian government in power, it is Israel fighting with Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood (the Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood) Jihadist in the Sinai Peninsula.

Because of this it is Egypt that is behaving as a true ally of Israel, releasing the truth of Kerry's and Obama's deceitful behavior and their backing of UNSC resolution 2334.

Mark my word, there has never been an administration as hateful towards Israel as this one. But it is not just hatred that Obama and Kerry have towards Israel it is a type of arrogance never seen before in the two countries relationship.

The arrogance of John Kerry towards Israel, the patronizing talk is on a par with the Palestinians.

Remember, the arrogance and the corrupted behavior of the Palestinian leadership is unmatched across the globe. These spoiled brats have had the gall to threaten the United States of America with violence if America dares to do the natural diplomatic action and move the American embassy to Israel's eternal capital city of Jerusalem. Of course these threats come after than Palestinians have gone to the UN to delegitimize Israel at every chance. An important part Kerry forgot to mention in his speech hour long hate speech against Israel communities is Judea and Samaria.

I hope that the Israeli government works with the American Congress and the Trump Administration to open an investigation into the actions of John Kerry to see if they are in fact in direct conflict with American Laws.

There are many things to focus on inside of the quote above. What is must troubling is John Kerry and Susan Rice telling the Palestinians not to carry out any martyrdom actions and to keep violence completely down.

Now, take a look around fellow Israelis. Have you noticed how quiet it has been inside of Israel for the last month?

This is an indictment against Abbas and a direct indictment against the Obama Administration that the congressional committees on foreign affairs and intelligence need to investigate.

This proves that Abbas has control over the violence just as Arafat did and has been using it as a political tool.

Worse, the American Administration of Barack Hussein Obama knew this and worked with the Palestinians in the hopes of pushing Israel to the negotiating table.

This is criminal behavior by the Administration of the President of the United States and State Department.

The proof laid out here also totally obliterates the lies coming from Obama, Kerry and Samantha Powers that they did not organize the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334.

It also exposes Obama as a compete and utter hypocrite for his behavior towards Russia.

Although I always favor Israel and Egypt coming closer and closer it is a horrible day when it is Egypt and the Russian Foreign Minister stopping America from pushing through more anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations Security Council.

Never before has Israel dealt with such a hostile President and Administration and hopefully Israel will never have to face this hostility from its greatest ally ever again.

But as Obama has proven, Israel can rely only on itself.

It is now imperative for the leadership of Israel to prepare for this possibility of future presidents in the vein of Hussein Obama.

The first step is to move away from American military hardware and to once again resurrect certain areas of Israeli military manufacturing, starting with a new fifth generation Lavi fighter jet.

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