Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Please Speak Out Against The Anti-Semitic Administration

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

Prime Minister Netanyahu, your fight against the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 is a righteous one.

But you can no longer fight this fight half way.

First you must use to your advantage American Israeli Jews. Only we can show the complete outrage at anti-Semitic UNSC resolution 2334.

Use American Israeli Jews to connect with Americans and do it today.

Now that Egypt has released more damning proof of the complicity of the Obama administration in authoring, pushing and eventually strong arming UNSC resolution 2334 the truth of this administration duplicitous behavior against Israel is there for all to see.

Bibi, you must realize that going half way cannot help Israel. This admiration truly is an enemy of the Jewish State and it is willing to do anything to try and bring down your leadership.

You must, absolutely must tell the world that the Obama administration has sided with the UNESCO anti-Semites, the Obama administration has sided with the Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini, this administration has sided with those who ethnically cleansed Jews from Judea and Samaria.

The world must know that Samantha Powers allowed a UNSC resolution calling for Ethnically Cleansing Jews and you sir, must be the person to tell the world.

No matter how many lies and innuendo John Kerry uses against Israel only the stupidest most self-hating Jews will refuse to understand what has happened here .

No matter how many lies play-Wright (people criticize Trump for his choices yet this sinister, vile anti-Semite is not talked about at all even after he admitted to using the main stream media to promote lies) turned National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes uses against Israel. No matter how much control Rhodes has over the main stream media through his echo chambers, Jewish Americans understand now that this administration has stabbed the whole of the Jewish people in the back.

Prime Minister, you must take immediate action against the Palestinian Government.

Barack Hussein Obama, I now strongly believe, is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood working to destroy Israel in favor of the Arab occupiers in Judea and Samaria.

For many reasons I believe this. Egyptian President al-Sissi made a courages decision when he sided with Israel and withdrew the anti-settlement resolution.

By doing this he exposed the Obama administration.

But the Egyptian president did not stop there, al-Sissi also provided Israel with the information of the Palestinian meeting with Obama administration officials. And as a final smear in the face of Obama the al-Sissi allowed an Egyptian newspaper to print more information on how Obama worked to set up Israel.

I hope eventually there will be investigations, deep ones are needed, to see how much Qatari Oil money influenced this administration.

Furthermore Prime Minister Netanyahu you must fight back against the Palestinians with all of our might. Right now the Palestinian government is gloating, they have made it clear that they believe the Obama administration has given them the legal ability to initiate boycotts against Israel.

You Mr. Prime Minister must tell Americans this extremely sad fact, and you must do it when John Kerry means to get in front of the Cameras to embarrass Israel some more.

So I say very simply it's time for the Palestinians to boycott Israeli Electricity. Let us, let them feel what Aleppo felt.

And then let them boycott Israeli Water and furthermore Israeli Natural gas.

It is time for you Prime Minister Netanyahu to say very clearly to the world, Kerry has been threatening Israel with a boycott for years now and he just let the UNSC fulfill that devious policy.

Let the world understand that the legacy of the Obama administration is the legacy of making boycotting Jews international law and that this administration pushed Peace further away then ever before. The Obama administration has allowed law that is similar to the laws of the Nazi Germans.

As you said friends don't take friends to the Security Council.

Normally I would say such harsh words should not be used against America, which is why you should also distinguish between the American people who clearly and loudly voted for a change from the horrid foreign policies of Obama and overwhelmingly love Israel and this clearly anti-Semitic administration.

It is time Prime Minister Netanyahu to call an anti-Semite an anti-Semite.

Today you call a press conference at the same time as John Kerry.

As Kerry speaks his lies, you must speak the truth.

You must stand in front of the Maccabean Menorah, during Hanukah, today and you must tell the world what has happened.

You must remind the world that you, a Likud Prime Minister was the first Israeli Prime Minister ever to agree to a Ten Month Settlement Freeze.

And you must remind the world that during this period not only did the Palestinians refuse to come to the a negotiating table, they upped their demands. What did Kerry do, what did Obama do to reprimand the Palestinians? Nothing.

Today, as Kerry speaks, you must speak too and remind the world that you, a Likud Prime Minister, gave a speech at Bar Ilan University agreeing to a Palestinian State.

What did Obama give in return? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

When the Palestinian Authority refused to back down from going international, refused to continue negotiations and signed an agreement with Hamas the Obama Administration did nothing.

When Hamas started to shoot rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip, committing war crimes. When the Palestinians started a war John Kerry had then had the gall to bring a Cease-Fire agreement from Qatar, the Wahhabi Fascist government that supports the Nazi Hamas movement.

This was Kerry's idea of a good mediator for a Cease-Fire for Israel.

And now, with less then one month to go for his administration. After the president received a stinging defeat of his policies from the American people with the election of Donald Trump, after receiving 75% of American Jewish votes for the democratic candidate, this administration has taken it upon itself to carry out the most anti-Semitic policy possible at the United Nations.

As Kerry speaks Prime Minister make it clear that Obama and Kerry have no mandate to act against Israel.

As Kerry speaks, you must speak and make it clear to the world that Secretary of State John Kerry and American President Barack Hussein Obama have made American policy the policy of Ethnically Cleansing Jews.

Speak Prime Minister Netanyahu and make it clear that Kerry and Obama have made American policy one and the same with those who want to boycott Israel, boycott Jews.

It is your time Prime Minister Netanyahu to fulfill your legacy and make it clear to the word that the policies of Obama and Kerry, policies that call for a Jew free Palestine, another racist Arab apartheid state in the world, that their policies will lead in the direction of another Holocaust if Israel does not stand firm in its defense.

Lastly Prime Minister, make it clear, speak, call your press conference for the same time as Kerry and tell the world the truth of Obama and Kerry.

They have aided and sided with the racist, anti-Semite founder of the Palestinian people, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Tell the world that the policies of Kerry and Obama call for the destruction of Israel, not a Two State Solution.

Tell the world the truth Kerry and Obama have taken on the policies of the same man who created his own final solution for the Jews of Israel.

That is the policy the Kerry is espousing destroying Israel.

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