Friday, December 23, 2016

Hanukah and Israel's True Existential Threat, Barack Obama

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Arab Occupying Force,

Call yourself what you want. Call yourself by the colonialist name Palestinian, colonialism fits you.

You are fascist, Nazi colonialists.

You have no heritage, you have no culture (accept possibly a Nazi culture) and you most definitely have no history.

You are a lie, no more, no less.

Maybe you have fooled, bamboozled and hoodwinked the world.

Maybe you have other colonialist nations like New Zealand helping you.

But know this, you are but a blip in a line of other colonialist, occupiers who have attempted to steal the land of Israel from the Jewish Nation.

We were here long before you and we will be here long after you.

You Arabs worked with the Nazis and then built your society on their principles. Therefore you are the offspring of Nazis.

Your people should be dealt with as the Nazis were dealt with.

You, the Arab Occupying Forces in Judea and Samaria, squatters on Jewish land take notice, if this resolution passes, your days are numbered.

You are thieves and you have committed the worst Ethnic Cleansing and crimes against humanity.

Your fake Nation has attempted to appropriate Jewish culture, history and land.

But like the Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Arab Muslims, British and your Nazi allies, you will fail.

It is not a coincidence that your resolution attempting to steal more of our identity, failed on Hanukah.

Hanukah the Jewish Nations holiday celebrating Zionism reminds us of the darkness the Maccabean's faced.

Their battle for freedom, a battle that took place seven hundred years before Mohammad was even born is proof that this is the land of the Jews and not the land of the colonialist, occupying Arabs.

As we remember this victory over darkness in our land, so long ago, we must remember the small victory of the Children of Israel, won today, against the colonialist darkness inside  the United Nations Security Council and by American President Barack Obama, today's Antiochus.

And remember Children of Israel false prophets like American President Barack Obama are the most dangerous.

This man has proven to be the worst hater of Israel and the Jewish people.

He is a coward of the worst kind, a fraudulent anti-Semite.

The fact that his pathetic administration chooses to work behind the back of Israel with the people who created international terrorism is disgraceful.

Worse still is Obamas pathetic attempt at denying his scheming role in this UN resolution and that of his devious Secretary of State.

They had better believe that Egyptian President Al-Sissi told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was really trying to toss Israel under the bus.

Is Obama as stupid as he appears?

Did he really believe that al-Sissi would forget what this man did to his mentor, Hosni Mubarak?

Or that Obama refused to recognize the Egyptian presidents election victory.

For all of those speaking so poorly of Trump, it would be wise to look in the mirror at the pathetic, vindictive Obama.

Even after eight years in the office of the President of the United States of America, he is still ignorant to foreign policy.

What this man and his underlying John Kerry were prepared to do to Israel today is unconscionable.

And anyone who backs Obama should watch speaking about Russia interfering in American affairs when Obama is so willing to interfere in Israel's affairs.

Barack Obama and John Kerry have single handedly undermined Israel diplomatically and it is Obama who is Israel's greatest existential threat, not Iran.

The actions of these two men, Obama and Kerry are akin to signing a second Munich Agreement.

And for the scheming, snake-like colonialists Palestinians.

You have signed your own death warrant with the UNESCO votes.

The Arab Occupying Force should understand this.

If this anti-Semitic Security Council resolution against Israel does pass, then Israel will take matters into her own hands.

We will start the process of freeing all our lands.

Israel will not stand idly by and let the fascist, colonialist Arabs rob us of more of our land.

We will systematically start removing the colonialist, occupying forces from the Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria.

And if Jordan falls that will be on Obama!

And if this brings about war, then so be it, let there be war!

Hanukah tells us, sometimes we need war to remove the colonialist darkness inside the undeniable, indigenous land of the Jewish Nation, the land of Israel!

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