Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What Should Israel Do?

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

The perpetrators of the worst crimes against humanity seen in our century are led by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies of the Shia Axis Powers, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Alawite War-Lord/Tyrant-elect Bashar al-Assad and the Shia Nazi Militia of Hezbollah.

These despots created ISIS and they are the fundamental reason for the worst migrant crises our world has seen in recorded history. 

They are literally the Twenty First Centuries Axis Powers.

The crimes against humanity committed by these evil men are on a par with those committed during the 20th. Century, and without a doubt they all should be tried in The Hague for Ethnic Cleansing (so serious that Syria has been totally changed), Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. 

Scarier yet, is the idea that not only will these evil menaces to our world not be tried for the devious crimes they have committed, there is talk in the media and in diplomatic circles of working again with these fascist tyrants. 

People are literally behaving as if a whole country and whole region have not been laid to waste and as if five million people had not been thrown out of their own homeland, Syria by occupying, invading powers, i.e. Hezbollah from Lebanon, the Iranian Republican Guard and the Russian Army.

This notion that the world will again accept these thieves of human souls who have the blood of so many dead on their hands, is a sign that nothing, absolutely nothing has been learned since the Holocaust.

Let me ask a question, should the allies have negotiated with Adolf Hitler? 

To me, the obvious answer would be a defiant NO. But apparently for many in this world the answer may very well be a yes.

Almost as bad as the tyrannical behavior of these fascist dictators has been the inability for the supposed sole superpower in our world, America, to act to save the tired, the poor, the huddled masses of Syrians wanting nothing more than freedom to live and breathe in their own homeland.

If anybody needs to understand what is happening to the Syrians right now all they need to do is crack open a history book and read about the Russian invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and what that horrible period of time brought to our world.  

The shamefully weak behavior of President Barack Obama has endangered all of the liberal, Free, Western World. From his Political Correctness to his woefully weak foreign policy. 

The repercussions of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry's polices will truly only be seen in the next generations. But I guarantee that they will not be good at all. They will have the sign of Cain upon them and they will bring about atrocities on the level of World War Two. 

Long ago America should have stepped into the Syrian situation, it should have happened long before Putin had his chance to step in. 

The policies of President Barack Obama have not just caused distress to the Free World and Americas NATO allies but to Israel too. 

And that leaves me with the question, what should Israel do? 

Can Israel really wait for President-elect Donald Trump to come to power, or should Israel act now and act alone? 

Furthermore Israelis who are cozying up to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin should open their eyes to the bigger picture. 

Do you see Putin pushing Syria to relinquish the Golan Heights to Israel? Can Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu negotiate that out of Putin. After all, Assad is in Power only because Israel did not act to unseat him. 

I do not see that happening even though Israel has far more of a legal claim to the Sovereign Israeli Golan Heights then Russia has to the Crimean Peninsula. But Putin does not care about history or facts, Putin cares about what is good for Putin. Anyone who fails to see this or understand the ramifications it can have on Israel is naive. 

At this very moment Putin is assisting the worst enemies of Israel. 

He has made a deal with the devil, Jihadist Shia Islam, to fight another Devil, Sunni Jihadist Islam. 

Apparently Putin thinks that Russia will be spared the world conquest Iran envisions, but then again Putin would do well to remember how Chechnya became a fanatical, Muslim thorn in Russia's side.  

With every gain the Fascist, Nazi, Shia Axis of Hezbollah, Assad and Iran are inching closer to the border of Israel. With that comes the conflict with Hezbollah all Israelis know is inevitable but are behaving as if it just will not happen.

For to long Israel has been fighting defensive wars when we know our army is best at delivering lightning quick pre-emptive wars. 

The notion of Hezbollah getting stronger, inching closer to the border of Israel and the destruction and mass killings being carried out by the fascist Shia Axis, should prompt Israel to act. 

Without a doubt there will be a tremendous price for Israel to pay. 

But Israel can no longer believe it has the privilege to stand back, sitting on the sidelines as these Twenty First Century Nazis carry out genocide on our own door step. 

Our actions will wake up an America that has fallen asleep at the wheel, an America that has become mesmerized by reality TV and YouTube Cat videos. 

Once again, as it was with the Babylonians, The Ancient Greeks and The Romans it will take the Jewish Nation hurling a wrench into the machinery of this poisonous world order to change our disastrous course. 

Am Israel Chai

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