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The Shia Axis and Czar Putin

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I have been quiet for a while but the time to speak up has come.

There are some people who try to explain away the atrocities that are being carried out by the Regime of Bashar al-Assad, the Shia Nazi Militant group Hezbollah, The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian government.

Somehow these people believe that because the aforementioned groups do not cut off the heads of their enemies and display them on TV, as ISIS does, means that they are somehow better then ISIS and are not responsible for the atrocious crimes against humanity they have committed.

These crimes against humanity are the worst seen in the Twenty First Century and on a par with some of the worst of the Twentieth Century.

This theory is downright dastardly.

First off, be sure that Assad's people do do the same as ISIS and actually do worse, they just do not post pictures on facebook and social media because they learned long ago how to play the international media.

In fact we know they do worse because of the indiscriminate mass killing of civilians that is happening on a near daily basis.

My lord people, as an Israeli Jew I should be the last to be saying this, there should have been a million other people before me that should have come out and said enough of this genocide.

Nothing has been learned since the Holocaust and that is a ghastly fact!

NEVER AGAIN, has never been truly learned. Nor have the repercussions of the fatal and deviant decisions made at Munich that lead to the Munich Agreement, and not so much Peace In Our Time, been learned and internalized either!

The numbers of dead, the sterile numbers you are hearing about on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and other media outlets are not just numbers. In fact, although I know it is hard for you to believe, but these are real HUMAN BEINGS being massacred.

Those being massacred by Assad, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia are children like your children. They are women like your mothers, sisters and your wives. They are men like your fathers, brothers and your husbands and the only crime that they committed was to demand their freedom from an oppressive, racist minority regime.

Because of this the once seventy percent Sunni Arab population of Syria has been subjected to the worlds worst and most ruthless crimes against humanity seen in the Twenty First Century.

The dictator/War Lord Bashar al-Assad and his close second and good friend Vladimir Putin are bombing, using chemical weapons and mass murdering a people to the point where Syria is no longer Syria and the world has done absolutely nothing.

Shame on you!

This too should be a stark reminder, not that we Jews/Israelis should need one, that the Jewish Nation can count on no one, absolutely no one but ourselves for our protection.

It is also time to tell the truth about the creation of ISIS. The creation of this ruthless Sunni Jihadist group rests on the shoulders of two actors.

First and foremost, responsibility rests on the shoulders of Iran/Hezbollah/Assad.

I list the three as one because they are a Shia alliance. The Alawite tribe that Assad belongs to is an off-shoot of Shia Islam.

It was this alliance that opened the first shot in a Islamic Civil War that is engulfing the world.

Apparently all of the Near East analysts and Thomas Friedman's Mustache have been asleep on this one.

This is not going to just be some regional battle. This is and will be a Civil War inside of Islam that will be fought out across the globe. A World War inside of Islam if you like.

This Islamic civil war that was started by Iranian power grabs will have devastating results that will echo across the globe, results that almost no one is willing to talk about and few understand.

I say that Iran and Hezbollah are the main culprits because it is their unflinching support of mass murdering their Sunni adversaries that made this civil war inside of Islam a reality. Their willingness to use the worst military doctrine, the scorched earth policy, against innocent Sunnis has guaranteed that this war will not end anytime soon.

Furthermore, it was the horrific mass killings, crimes against humanity and massive ethnic cleansing of Syrian Sunni's(when I say massive I mean that more than half of all Syrians, the ones that haven't been killed by the Shia onslaught have fled the country) committed by Hezbollah, the Iranian Republican Guard and the Alawite Militia of Bashar al-Assad that pushed the button of fanatical Sunni Islam that brought to life ISIS, which in reality is nothing more than a Sunni mirror image of the Fascist, Nazi Shia Jihadists Militia/International Army called Hezbollah.

Has anyone taken the time to understand what Hezbollah, the name means, when they do their news presentations, when they write their articles?

No, they have not.

Hezbollah means, the party of God. This is a Militia/International Army, with over 200,000 rockets and long range missiles. More weapons then most sovereign nations have. They have the most modern Russian weaponry and they are attempting to get a hold of chemical weapons (the Israeli Air Force last weak raided and destroyed a convoy of chemical weapons being transferred from Assad to Hezbollah).

Meanwhile their ideology is based on the fanatical Twelver Shia Islamic belief of the Hidden Mahdi who will come only when the end of days is brought about. Think about that one for a second.

These are the good guys? Really.

Sometimes it is shocking to understand how low this world has sunk in such a short time.

And, I want to make it clear, that as an Israeli Jew I condemn President Elect Donald Trump for saying that Assad and Russia are doing good in Syria. It is a reprehensible statement to make.

Second after the Shia Axis is the Obama Administration.

But I must say a strong argument could be made that the Obama administration should be in first place for this disastrous state of affairs.

The insanely weak leadership of President Barack Obama and his horrid foreign policy opened the door for all we are seeing today inside of the Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

The isolationist policies of Obama empowered the most fanatical and ruthless regimes, in both the Islamic Republic of Iran and the regime of Czar Vladimir Putin. One can make the argument that Obama and John Kerry's policies are as destructive as those of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier.

People are complaining about Russian cyber attacks against America during the election. Let me make myself very clear, if these accusations are true it is not just unacceptable it is criminal.

But, it was the democrats and their allies who hailed Edward Snowden as a hero, while I called him a traitor from the beginning. And the democrats, the leftists (who are not liberals at all but are fascists) also hailed Wikileaks in the beginning, where as I called it enemy cyber warfare from the beginning.

Truly if these cyber attacks were allowed to happen then the American Security Organizations are woefully lacking. If these attacks were allowed to happen then America is in far greater trouble then  anyone has imagined or comprehends.

The CIA is saying that it was Russia behind all the hacking attacks on the Democratic National Committee.

How is it that the CIA and the NSA let this happen?

And if this is the case, no one, I mean no one should be surprised.

Especially after it was revealed that the Obama Administration was spying on just about everyone of our allies, did you read that right and digest it, ALLIES.

It does not take a genus to understand the compete idiocy of the uber liberal left.

What were they thinking? That they they could sit back, allow a ruthless dictator to mass murder his own people. That they could afford to get dead-locked at the useless UN an organization that never protects international law. That they could create red lines and then not reenforce them. Spy on their own friends and allies, while allowing Putin to occupy half of the Ukraine and Syria.

And during all of this the mighty American Armed Forces, the light that protects freedom and democracy in our world was neutered nothing was done to protect the unprotected, the defenseless and then you expect someone like Putin to not interfere in the American Election.

What planet are you living on, Planet Politically Correct, Planet Safe Spaces?

Worse then the Obama Administrations role in creating ISIS, is the precendent for allowing atrocities that the Obama Administration set.

The one superpower and its leader were responsible for not stopping the atrocities committed in the Ukraine and Syria.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt eventually interceded in Word War Two to save the helpless and the defenseless against ruthless dictators. Obama sat by, played golf and watched as one million people have been killed in Syria, with more dying everyday.

Both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have set the precedent for the next atrocities to occur in our generation by allowing Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and Putin to behave like the worst, most evil bullies. By allowing them to use a scorched earth policy in the 21st century when we have the Geneva Conventions..

All of this could have been prevented if Obama had taken the courageous but politically dangerous policy of backing the original Free Syrian Army, a mostly secular Sunni group. By helping them unseat a ruthless dictator who had already started to commit mass genocide and mass ethnic cleansing against his own people.

The fact that America let Putin keep Assad in power, that was the day that American lost its democracy and its freedom. That was the day that Donald Trump became president.

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