Friday, August 10, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Stateless and still seeking the destruction of Israel -- what does that get you?


Maybe instead it should be called VICTIMISM? 

That’s simply because of this indisputable fact: when a nation spends all of its time blaming another party for its problems, it becomes the eternal victim whether or not it really is the victim. 

A brief historical review proves that this “victimization” has enveloped the Palestinians from the get-go.

With that in mind, let me point out that nearly every Israel-basher conveniently forgets a pivotal point.

This is fact; the United Nations agreed on 29 November 1947 to two states in the land of Israel. 

One of these states was clearly worded for the Jews and one for the Arabs.

The Jews agreed to accept; the Arabs did not and decided on war, a war specifically to annihilate the Jews of Israel.

We know the history! 

This great war that the Arab leadership promised it’s people would bring about the complete destruction and genocide of Israel and Jewish life in Israel ended up leading to the defeat of the Arabs and Israel’s independence.

What’s more, they were defeated despite having an overwhelming advantage of multiple Arab armies arrayed against a rag-tag, patched-together, nascent Israeli Defense Forces.

Nonetheless, Israel (the real David) managed to secure her Independence with the help of nobody.

The Palestinians lost everything allotted to them from the United Nations. 

Somehow, the way the pro-Palestinians put it, this is all Israel’s fault.

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  1. thank you for your words here mr Fischler. BUT, THERE ARE SOME MISTAKES: ''ISRAEL'' is not ''independent'' in MOST ways yet; it heels to 'globalist' agendas; it's RULED BY 'anti-jewish' agents in government and courts = again globalism. That 'jews' are in government DOES NOT MAKE IT A JEWS' GOVERNMENT . And that is a dissonant point i hope you will deal with also. That you said some important words, i do agree. But it's still dissonant. HaShem Help you see better too.