Monday, August 27, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Supposedly we, the human race, are to live by the “Rule of Law.”

This is what civilization is supposed to be all about: rules for conducting a society.

But at what point do we say to ourselves as a nation -- whether it’s here in Israel, or in America or much of Western Europe -- that we have a minority population which does not respect the basic rules we’ve set for our society; refuses, in fact, to even acknowledge that rule of law as valid? 

There has been much said over the beating last week of an Arab teenager in Jerusalem, with the knee-jerk left-leaning Israeli media immediately jumping on the story, crying, “Racism!” 

They make one major mistake, however: this is not an act of racism. It’s an act of intense hatred inculcated by the Arabs’ (adversaries) intention to destroy these teenagers and their nation, Israel. 

The children who carried out this crime against the Arab teenager were ages 13 to 16.

Why is this so important? 

Because all of these teenagers have spent their entire lives being taught to think that if Israel respected the “Rule of Law” (recognizing Palestinian Statehood and handing over 97% of the West Bank, all of Gaza and East Jerusalem) that the international community had set, all would be okay and peace would reign! 

They were all small children when the Arab/Palestinian nation coldly rejected peace at the Camp David accords.

They were but small children when the Arab Nation said loudly, yet again, “NO” to peace, “NO” to recognizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish Nation and “NO” to undeniable Jewish historical rights to Israel. 

They were all children, watching with the hope of small children, as the Arab Nation again put destroying Israel in front of Statehood. 

While they were being taught in school to hope for peace, they were witnessing and/or hearing about the hideous spate of suicide bombings by Yasser Arafat’s minions during his War against Israel.

These children were shaped not by any alleged occupation, but by living with the hatred of bigoted Arab colonialist racism that rejects peace and attempts to erase the facts of history -- the reality of Jewish historical rights to the land of Israel-- with fabricated Arab fantasy fed to a guilt-ridden media unable to recognize it’s own inherent biases.

The fact is, the “Rule of Law” that the Western democracies attempt (most of the time) to live by does not mesh with Arabist/Islamist culture. It is not “racism” to say that; it IS, however, racism or bigotry to deny it! 

It is bigotry created by the elitist media and academia that continues to portray the Arab/Muslim peoples as victims, when they are the worst perpetrators and offenders of slavery, colonization and despotism! 

It is “hangover” guilt from the West’s own days of colonial oppression that drives the liberal press into crying out for oppressed Muslim populations. But it is most significant to realize that the Western media do not cry out for oppressed black African Sudanese who are being oppressed by Arab Muslim militias.

No, it is only when presented with the opportunity to cry out for Muslims who are being “oppressed” by JEWS that those guilty leftist voices are raised. Worse yet, the liberal guilt overlying their basic anti-semitism is compounded by the worst sort of historical ignorance. 

For example, there is an important historical dilemma between the nascent U.S and a group of Muslims which was a  major incentive to create the U.S. Constitution -- the U.S. Rule of Law -- as quickly and as soundly as possible: the Barbary Pirates of the 18th century. 

American citizens were being captured and enslaved in terrifying numbers off the coast of Africa. The newborn country had no national navy. The U.S. needed to establish how to create a working navy, as well as who should be given the power to create it and who should have the power to oversee it. 

Voila! An important aspect of the U.S. Constitution comes into being because of a problem with Islam. And, mind you, that was only 236 years ago!

Throughout the entire history of the West in its relationship to Islam, there has been  
a major pillar of Muslim culture that differs enormously from that of the Western Judeo/Christian culture. It is the concept of truth, or rather, the meaning and usage of a lie.

In any democratic, non-majority-Islamic country of the Western World the act of lying to totally hide one’s true intentions is basically against the “Rule of Law” (not that it’s not done; but that at least it’s against the law!). In Arab/Islamist culture the act of lying to better ones position or to hide one’s true intent is not only excepted it is encouraged! It is an integral part of negotiating and diplomacy. 

Making false promises to “the Infidel” has been a strategic asset of Islam -- at least since what we know today as the modern western democracies took up arms against the Barbary pirates.

Just as the Barbary pirates captured and enslaved Americans and Europeans to attain peace treaties that they then broke, Arafat signed a peace treaty with Israel to get a foot in the door -- with absolutely no intention of adhering to Rule of (western) Law (which he immediately told his followers in Arabic!)

It is the biased, deluded Left in Israel and most of Western society that ignored Arafat’s words in Arabic -- words calling for war and the destruction of Israel, as he sat and supposedly negotiated peace! 

It is the bigoted elitist who says Jewish nationalism is racism and Arab nationalism is not. 

This unacknowledged bigotry against Jewish national rights and support of Arab hatred and denial of Israel’s right to exist is what created the hatred in that group of Israeli teenagers who almost killed another teenager -- an Arab teenager. 

Is this behavior acceptable? No! 

Yet what can you ask of Israeli society or its children when last week Mahmoud Abbas got up in front of the world and blatantly lied by denying any Jewish historical right to the Temple Mount? The Temple Mount was Jewish long before it was Christian, Arab or Muslim! 

What can you ask of Israeli society when Arab members of the Knesset, who are supposed to serve the state and who enjoy Israeli democracy to its fullest, call for the destruction of that state? 

How can you stop hatred in Israeli society when Knesset member Hanin Zoabi says that the victims of the Munich Olympic massacre “got what they deserved?“

Until Western democracies realize their own inherent bias and bigotry and halt these tendencies within their nations (and this includes Israel), this hatred will only grow. Just as the Union acted against the culture of the South and fought slavery, today the democracies of the world must fight against rejection of international, Western democratic “Rule of Law!”

The big lie must not become the driving force of civilization.

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