Saturday, September 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

How many times has the state of Israel, the government of Israel or for that matter the  entire Jewish Nation called for the destruction of one of the Arab countries in the Middle-East? None! 

How many times has the State of Israel called for the complete destruction of any Muslim nation? None! 

Has the state of Israel ever called for the destruction of the “Shia entity” running Lebanon? It definitely has not! 

Has Israel ever had the gall to call for the destruction of the “Sunni entity” running Saudi Arabia? Nope! 

Did Israel promise to wipe the theocratic, oppressive, Shia regime running Iran off of the face of the Earth? Certainly didn’t! (Threatening the possibility of wiping out their capability to create nuclear weapons is NOT the same thing!)

Most importantly, has any Israeli leader in the last twenty years promised to totally Judaize ALL of Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank), remove the Arabs living there and deny the “Palestinian Nation,”  or Islam, rights to the holy sites in the Land of Israel? NOPE! 

But how many times have we heard from the Arabs promises to destroy, deny and  reject the Jewish Nation’s much older, factual, archaeological rights to Israel? A countless number of times! 

Starting from the Arab rejection of United Nations partition in 1948 to Iran today, the Arab/Muslim world has been mouthing constant threats of genocide against Israel, and periodically attempting it! 

With the help of their natural allies, the Europeans (remember, it was Rome which sacked and destroyed the Jewish Nation in 70A.D.), Arabs continue this fight today via the tactic of delegitimizing Israel. 

Some Palestinian sympathizers claim it is a viable dialogue to condemn the Israeli government and its actions towards the Arab population in Judea and Samaria. Wrong. Blanket condemnation of Israel in this situation is nothing more than bigotry and anti-semitism. 

To condemn Israel one can only see through bigoted eyes, because one must totally ignore all that she has done to give the Arabs a Palestinian State. 

To condemn Israel -- as Annie Lennox, Vanessa Redgrave, Alice Walker, Desmond Tutu, Roger Waters and other celebrity ignoramuses have done -- one must be deaf to the endless racist, bigoted, genocidal rantings of Arabs towards Israel.

To condemn Israel one must believe that the Jewish Nation has NO right to self-determination. 

In other words, to be anti-Israel one must be an anti-semite and a bigot.

Those who say the Jewish Nation has no right to self-determination are the worst of these bigots and they constitute a hefty portion of the anti-Israel lobby.   

To say that the nation -- whose history is verified archaeologically as existing long before Arabs knew even knew where the land was, and 1000 years before Islam ever came into being --has no right to self-determination is the worst type of ethnically-based bigotry and rampant racism.  

In fact the Jewish Nation, a nation older than all nations in the United Nations, has more international right to self-determination in Israel than other nations have in their lands based on an uninterrupted connection, to the land!  

Israel is the only nation with an unbroken history connected to laws and a land. This land, Israel, and the historical events that played out on it, unites the Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish nation in the planet’s most unbreakable bond of a people to a land. 

In fact the Tanach, the historical, legal and judicial book of the Israelite/Jewish Nation, is directly connected to the land of Israel. The two are inseparable.   

The people and the land of Israel are one; in fact science today shows it is in our genes! Loving the laws of the land of Israel is the driving force that has keep the Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish nation alive through endless disasters and a forced refugee status thanks to Asian, European and Arab colonialism. 

This connection between Land, Law and Nation is the force that has always brought the Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish people back to the land of their birth, Israel. This has happened numerous times throughout world history, with the Jewish Nation always hoping to re-establish its self-determination. 

Attempting to support, or worse yet, to bolster and enhance this revisionist, Euro/Arab history is the worst type of 21st-century neo-colonialism. This erroneous Arab history --paid for with bloody oil money -- must be confronted and defeated! 

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