Tuesday, September 18, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

There's a civil war going on in Syria but with each day -- and a
conservative total of 22,000 deaths -- very few who should be caring a
great deal seem to be doing much about it.

As a matter of fact the daily Syrian bloodletting appears to boring for 
the major news gatherers.

The Arab League has made no inroads.

Ditto for the United Nations.

Uncle Sam has been distracted by a Grade F movie -- if you can even
call it that -- that is critical of Islam.

Arab rioting against American embassies and assorted other favorite Muslim targets because of the flick has pushed the Syrian massacres off to the side.

Even the American election is getting more attention from television,
radio and newspapers than the endless Syrian death fields.

And yet the killing goes on daily, unabated with veiled threats that
the Assad regime soon will introduce chemical weaponry into the fray
but who seems to care?

Perhaps it's because Israel is not involved except to sit quietly on
the sidelines perhaps even wondering what gives.

What gives is this:

* UNITED NATIONS: If you didn't know it by now the fact that a less
effective body than even The League Of Nations cannot -- and has not
-- done diddly-squat about terminating the Damascus-inspired terror
tells you why the United States should stop wasting its money on the
impotent body on the East River.

* ARAB LEAGUE: Talk about a minor league, this bunch of oil-rich
rogues are good at three things: 1. Convening meetings; 2. Threatening
to raise oil prices; and 3. Insulting Israel.

* UNITED STATES: American politicians, who not-that-long-ago were
pumping Assad's grimy hand, might as well be asked to re-invent the
wheel because that would happen faster than any effective intervening
in Syria.

So the beat goes on along with the bloodshed.

Likewise, the higher the death count, the lower attention focusing on
The Arab Spring in Syria!

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