Tuesday, September 4, 2012


By Simon Fischler and Schmoel Yitzhak

The beauty of Hanan Ashrawi, is that she boasts a handsome, straight face -- and effectively lies with it.

The beauty of Joseph Goebbels was that the Nazi propagandist-extraordinaire was that he had none. 

But the common thread shared by each -- Goebbels for Hitler’s Germany and Ashrawi for Abbas’ Arabs -- is their mastery of the BIG lie.

Over the decade the Arabs’ most affective spokeswoman has delivered a pastiche of falsehoods about the State of Israel.

But, as the bromide goes, practice makes perfect and Mademoiselle Ashrawi has honed her mendacity skills to sharpness! 

Proof positive is her latest dose of verbal venom spewed about the estimated 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab Countries. 

According to Ashwari’s poisoned verbal applesauce, those near-million displaced Jews were not refugees at all.

Her rationale followed Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon’s assertion that those refugees should both be recognized and or recompensed for their hardships. 

Fully armed with her arsenal of “Chutzpah,” Ashrawi packages her lie this way by asserting -- mind you, with a straight face -- that the Jews of Arab countries all left of their own free will! 

The question is, why would a supposed moderate Palestinian challenge an obvious fact. Jews in Arab land were evicted without their possessions, lucky to even leave with their lives.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Jewish refugees far outnumber Arab refugees.

Plus, the so-called Arab refugee problem was created by the Arabs themselves. After all when the United Nations partitioned Palestine, it awarded the Arabs a state of their own adjoining the new State of Israel. 

But, as even the wily Ashwari -- wily like her mentor Yassar Arafat -- knows, the Arabs rejected outright the UN offer.

Attempting to bolster her fiction even further, Ashwari adds that, “Zionist gangs forced Palestinians out of the land that belonged to the Palestinian people for thousands of years, while Jews voluntarily and collectively left.” 

When it suits her Ashrawi develops selective amnesia.

She forgets the undeniable fact that the Jews were forced out of Arab countries with billions of dollars of assets stolen outright from them.  

On numerous occasions these Jewish families left because of pogroms being carried out against them by their Arab neighbors! 

The next piece of history Ashrawi ignores is that there was no State of Palestine, homeland of Palestine or even what would be considered a Palestinian nation!

There was no Palestine one hundred years ago let alone one thousand years ago. That is an undeniable fact! 

Third peace of history ignored by Ashrawi is the fact that the Arab refugees from Israel were created almost entirely by the Arab leadership of that time. This is true for a couple of different reasons.

For starters, it is important to remember that It was the Arabs who rejected outright the UN partition which unmistakably stated that there would be two states one Jewish one Arab. 

After rejecting compromise and peace the Arabs unequivocally vowed to destroy Israel.

In order to make waging war against the Jewish citizens of Israel easier, leaders of the Arab armies urged their fellow Arab citizens to leave their homes while their armies mop up the Jews. 

Those Arab leaders promised their people that they could return to a Jew-free (that’s called ethnic-cleansing these days) land!  There was, however, one problem; Israel prevailed.

On the rare occasions when the Israel Defense Forces attacked an Arab town it did so for a reason; shelter was being given to Arab fighters attacking Jewish cities, towns and homes. This made them a legal military target. 

Thus, Ashwari’s outrageous mendacity raises a formidable question: how can Israel be expected to compromise or even hope for peace when Arab spokespeople refuse to take responsibility for the actions of their predecessors?   

Every lie uttered by Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and Ashrawi is just another nail in the coffin of peace! 

Every lie they tell delegitimizes them in the eyes of almost every Israeli citizen while also delegitimizing the Israel peace camp, which keeps telling us to just ignore these comments because they are just for the Arab Street! 

The next Meretz peace party that travels to the Mukataa in Ramallah should bring an important message to Ashrawi and the rest of her friends:

You may not look like Joseph Goebbels but you’re sounding like him more and more --every day in every way!

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