Wednesday, September 12, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

There are snubs and there are SNUBS.

Barack Obama has both down pat.

Early in the president's administration, he made his Israeli counterpart look a bit worse than bad when Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington on an official visit.

But since the Democrat leader had only gotten the feel of his White House, the hostile attitude was dismissed in time although many Jewish voters have not forgotten the affront.

Nevertheless, as snubs go, that one was small potatoes compared with Obama's most recent exhibition of disgraceful behaviour.

With America's presidential election on the horizon and Democrat leaders desperately attempting to persuade their constituents that the Donkey's Party still likes Israel, what better occasion for Obama to prove that he wasn't kidding when he said that Uncle Sam "has Israel's back."

Thus, when Bibi requested a meeting with Barack during the latter's visit to the United Nations, it was expected that Netanyhu's wish would be granted. 

After all, Israel is America's strongest ally (especially now with the images of a dead American Ambassador coming out of Libya seared into our minds) in the Middle East and, if anything, the leader of the Jewish State deserves a decorous greeting from the White House.

If those weren't significant reasons enough, the fact that this was Obama's opportunity to prove that he's at least some kind of friend of Israel should have been the clincher for their face-to-face meeting.

Incredibly, the White House betrayed its abject hostility to the Prime Minister and -- by its actions -- to Israel with a "Thanks but no thanks" response. All Obama could get himself to do was have a telephone conversation with his opposite.

The alibi?

Adding insult to injury the rationale was that the President's schedule was too busy to allow for a one-on-one at a most critical time in the history of both nations.

Now you have to wonder; how can the Jewish propagandists in the Democratic Party possibly defend such an obvious social-political affront?

Accidental? Hardly. Deliberate? Absolutely. How could it be otherwise. 

By this time the president implicitly believes that he has the Jewish vote locked up on the grounds that American Jews genetically will vote Democrat -- and that's that.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that once -- IF Obama is elected the White House will come down harder on Israel than any president since Jimmy Carter. 

Thus, Bibi must be content with a phone call and, knowing, the president you have to figure that he called COLLECT!

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