Wednesday, August 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
Former Governor Mitt Romney has just finished up his much-anticipated trip to Israel, a trip that the Obama administration did everything to ruin and upstage by false admiration and backing of Israel! 
Something happened on this trip that the Obama administration just was not ready for: a presidential candidate willing to take a true, pro-Israel stance; a candidate with the mettle to call the Palestinians on their blunders throughout history.
So now the Obama administration is slinging mud at former Governor Romney, but in doing this they have revealed their true colors when it comes to Israel. 
Mr. Romney had the backbone to tell the world the undeniable truth: Jerusalem is and has always been the capital city -- not just of the nation state of Israel, but of the Jewish Nation itself!
By the way, since when does the American government have the right to decide what the capital city of Israel is anyway?
So, what does Obama and his administration have to say now that Former Governor Romney has truly “gotten Israel’s back?” That Romney is wrong for straying away from past American and Presidential policy when it comes to the Middle East and that his comments have angered the Palestinians! 
Perhaps President Barack Obama has forgotten that he did not have a problem straying from past American policy when it was detrimental to Israel’s health! President Obama had no problem angering Israel when he created the Palestinian precondition of an Israeli settlement freeze! 
Obama had no problem angering the Israeli government and almost all of Israel by straying from American and Presidential policy when he proceeded to call for the next Palestinian pre-condition, an Israeli return to the borders of 1967!
So the Obama administration says that Former Governor Romney is pandering to the American Jews hoping to gain their votes!  Apparently President Obama and his administration have no problem pandering to Muslims and Arabs; who are often enemies of the United States and its principles! 
So who truly has Israel’s back? Certainly not Obama! 
Showing true backbone Romney went even further in showing his respect and backing for America’s only true Ally in this region! He finally did what all other leaders throughout history have failed to do: he called the Palestinians on their culture of hate and destruction stating truthfully that this is the cause of their problems, not Israel and certainly not Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria! 
By stating historic fact former Governor Romney did what is truly needed in this conflict: he called on the Palestinian leadership to finally take responsibility for all the crimes they have committed both against their own people and against Israel and the Jewish Nation! 
It has become patently obvious who is willing to really back Israel!
More importantly it has become obvious who has the mettle to truly be the Commander in Chief of the Unites States of America!
Being the president does not mean doing what is easy, nor does it mean sticking to a policy that is wrong! 
Being President of the United States of American and assuming the responsibility of being the Commander in Chief of its military takes the strength to change policy for what is morally right! 
It has become clear that President Obama does not have the moral or political fortitude to face the political storms that come with doing what is conscientiously needed to correct the wrongs committed by the Arabs against Israel! 
Barack Obama does not deserve to be the President of the United States of America.
It is time to give former Governor Mitt Romney his chance to right the American ship and stand side by side with true allies like Israel!


  1. Israel will be delivered by God's own hand.

  2. And America will not prosper until Israel does. Every time that Usurper went against Israel, God allowed catastrophe to hit the US - oil spills, massive hurricanes, the whole bit. Wise up, people. When Israel is at peace, we all are.