Wednesday, February 13, 2013


By SImon Fischler 
My old alma mater, Brooklyn College, (chuckabluck full of Jews, by the way, in a neighborhood which has become increasingly Jewish Orthodox) invites the insidious BDS to its campus. 
The liberal establishment, led by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, applauds BC’s “noble” objectivity. 
The Annie Lennoxes, Noam Chomskys, Alice Walkers and Jimmy “Crack Corn” Carters of the world continue to spew their vitriol against Israel and the Jews.
Meanwhile not a single word is uttered by the media over the “hilarious” fact that every day for the last two to three months BOTH sides of the Syrian conflict have been killing “Palestinian Refugees” routinely and ruthlessly.
So much for Arab brotherhood!
The plight of these Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and the probability of daily massacres happening to these supposed “refugees”  on Syrian soil, by their supposed brothers has gotten so bad that the unthinkable has happened.
Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and Khaled Meshal of Hamas daily have been begging both Assad and the Rebels to stop the murders, but to no avail; and begging the Israeli government to allow these "refugees'' safe haven in the JEWISH STATE from their own brothers!
Has there been one word in the media, or among the despicable Israel naysayers about this fact. Of course not. 
Even more “hilarious” (more like unconscionable) is the fact that neither the PA nor HAMAS have gone to the WORLD MEDIA, the UN or the INTERNATIONAL CRIMAL COURT to attempt to stop the daily slaughter of their own people by ARABS in Syria.
Yet these jackasses -- that is the Palestinian Authority and Hamas -- daily threaten to take Israel to the ICC over building houses for Jews in Judea and Samaria! And of course, the chorus of Jew-hating, anti-Israeli sycophants voices support and approval of this hypocrisy.
What twisted irony that these Arabs threaten International Criminal action based on fraudulent information against the same country they are begging to help and provide safe haven for their refugees (who, I remind you, are being slaughtered by their own supposed "Arab brethren")!
Sound like a Jack Sparrow story? What else would one expect from the Arab world?
Do you know what else is shameless, sleazy, repugnant and down right loathsome? 
The fact that the anti-Semite/anti-Israel camp, lead by Annie Lennox, Greta Berlin, Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Jimmy “Crack-Corn” Carter, Desmond Tutu and all the other famous haters of the Jewish Nation are mute while Assad and the Jihadists he fights combine between them to mass murder Arab “Palestinian” refugees in Syria. 
Almost as detestable is the lack of attention the big name liberal media outlets like the New York Times or CNN are giving to this reprehensible, bigoted and double standard behavior. 
These inveterate Israel-haters lead no protests demanding an end to the murders in the Yarmouk Refugee camp. These shysters make no demands that freedom and citizenship be given to these refugees by the Syrian nation.
Why not? Because they, like so much of the Arab/Muslim world, don’t truly care a whit about Arabs or Palestinians. No, they care only that their plague of anti-Semitism continue to fester and grow against Israel.
Lennox and her bogus, biased cohorts could care less about the murders being perpetrated by the Syrian Army and the Jihadists. While Assad and the Sunni Jihadists fighting Assad murder “Palestinian Refugees” all those above are DEAD SILENT!
No doubt they are searching for some new way to attack and delegitimize Israel!

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