Wednesday, February 6, 2013


By Sig Demling

One would expect that at some point in time Uncle Sam would study the inequitable actions of the United Nations and say, "I'm outa there!"

But Uncle Sam doesn't call the shots in America, unfortunately, and Barack Obama does. 

Therefore, his country will continue to pour -- Heaven knows -- billions down the UN's coffers while untold millions no doubt are skimmed off for various corrupt causes.

What amazes is the unvarnished fact that the U.N. -- as in UN-fair -- has been able to get away with incessant hammering at the Middle East's only democratic country while all forms of horror erupt in virtually every country surrounding Israel. 

* SYRIA: Murder by day. Murder by night and murder in mid-afternoon. Inaction by the UN 24-hours-a-day.

* EGYPT: Madman Morsi -- when he's not jabbing Benjamin Netanyahu -- has so infuriated half his population that Egypt looks like an unreasonable facsimile of Assad's nutty nation. As for the U.N., it looks on as if nothing is happening. 

* LEBANON:  Nasrallah's aim still is the same. Smuggle whatever arms it can from Syria, preferably the most lethal kind to then turn on Israel. Ah but the U.N. is more concerned about condos and co-ops being built by unarmed Israelis.

* IRAN: For the umpteenth year, America, England, France and other impotent members of the European Union have continued to wring their hands, praise sanctions and otherwise do new variations on appeasement while the mullahs get closer and closer to developing a nuclear power. The U.N. -- in this case -- stands for UN-able; to do a damn thing.

Meanwhile, the diplomacy jokes go on both on the East and West sides of the Atlantic. 

Vice-President Biden, having failed to do much about massacres at American elementary schools, is continuing his failures in Europe. 

Attending an international security conference in Munich -- remember how successful Neville Chamberlain was there! -- Obama's marionette declared that diplomacy still could succeed in thwarting Iran's nuclear ambitions.

With comments like that you'd have to think that Biden wants to give up his day job and audition for an evening production of "Alice In Wonderland."

Is this guy kidding?

Has he not been reading the papers or watching television or consulting with Madame Clinton to realize that ever since Obama annexed the White House that Tehran has been laughing its head off over America's plea for diplomacy as opposed to the only remedy:  a once-and-for-all military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Biden says that direct talks could be held when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "is serious."

Yeah, yeah. Khamenei is serious but about only one thing; buying time to further develop its nuclear program in the hopes of incinerating Israel.

While dreamy-eyed Biden talks about talks, Iran is about to vastly increase its pace of uranium enrichment en route to producing the bomb.

Meanwhile, the United Nations is addressing the real threat to world survival; home construction in Israel. 

Imagine, the U,N. is threatening Israel with charges of war crimes at the International Criminal Court if The Jewish State fails to dismantle construction.

How perfidious is the U.N.? Isi Liebler of Israel Hayom has Exhibit A.

"In January," writes Liebler, "the U.N. elected Sudan as vice president of its Economic and Social Council, the body that regulates human rights groups. 

"That president Omar al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur, failed to preclude Sudan's election."

U.N, UN-fair!

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