Wednesday, February 27, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

America's dancing president soon will arrive and if Israelis didn't know what tempo of his theme, "The Loser's Waltz," he'll employ, one can learn merely by studying his friends, his mentors and his modus operandi developed over five years of failure.

While a resident in Chicago, Barack Obama attended a church where the presiding preacher spewed Jew-hating invective for the two decades of B.O.'s -- that's B.O. as in Bad Odor -- regular attendance. Not once did Obama rise in protest.

Fast forward to this month when Obama unabashedly spent a golf weekend with Tiger Woods whose treatment of his wife was so hostile it's surprising that the faux womens-libber Michelle Obama didn't raise her voice in protest.

Benjamin Netanyahu has spent enough time across the table from Uncle Sam's chief executive to know what's coming and it can be defined by two words -- double-cross.

Bibi's primary concern -- as it should be -- is the growing threat from Iran; and not just the nuclear capabilities being developed in Tehran but the Mullahs' ability to foment terrorism via Hezbollah and the assortment of nut cases now filtering through the opposition to that other miserable cashew, Assad.

By contrast, Obama wants to make nice; not with Israel but with the Arab world which he has been futilely courting since taking office.

Naturally the president will listen to Netanyahu's assertion that the Iranian nuclear scientists are rapidly approach the red line of development and that -- for the sake of Israel's safety -- Bibi must act in order to safeguard Jews from a second Holocaust within seventy years.

That's all the man from Pennsylvania Avenue will do; listen. 

Significant promises such as America not only fully supporting a pre-emptive Israeli strike but assisting it against Iran? Never.

I reiterate never because every single appointment relevant to Israel in Obama's second term has been hostile to The Jewish State. 

For example, America's new Secretary of State John Kerry has a long record of anti-Israel commentary and will be less cordial to Bibi than his predecessor, Hillary Clinton; no bargain herself.

Even worse is the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense. The Hagel appointment says more about Obama vis-a-vis Iran than anything. As nationally-accliamed American columnist Daniel Pipes points out, Hagel will be a disaster for Israel.

"Hagel's weak policies regarding Iran and his reprehensible views toward Israel run even deeper than we thought in January," says Pipes. "Hagel is known for only two foreign policy/defense views: being soft on Iran and hostile to Israel."

Want more? Try New York's Representative Eliot L. Engel, a Democrat with the courage to buck Obama's choice for defense secretary.

"Hagel," asserts Engel, "has some kind of endemic hostility toward Israel." 

Ditto for Obama.

How else can one explain his behavior dating back to his first term when he treated Netanyahu's visit as if Israel's Prime Minister was a pizza delivery boy who could sit and twiddle his thumbs until His Majesty was ready to deal with him. 

Uh-uh. No good will come of the commander-in-chief's visit because he does not know how to command like a chief. 

He's messed up in Libya, Egypt, Algeria and with just about every single policy move America has made in the Middle East including Syria which he views with a pair of broken glasses; never mind the rose-colored kind.

The White House knows full well that Iran has continuously failed to negotiate in good faith during years of United Nations-sponsored nuclear talks yet Obama treats the mullahs with the same texture kid gloves that Neville Chamberlain used when selling out Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler at Munich. 

Substitute Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Hitler and Obama for Chamberlain and you have a good idea of what's going on and will go on. Ahmadinejad has made a fool of Obama so many times it's amazing that the president hasn't wised up by now. But once an appeaser always an appeaser, and Bibi surely is aware of his upcoming visitor's fatal flaws.

No question, Obama will come to Jerusalem with some sort of irrational "peace" deal such as urging Israel to oblige Mahmoud Abbas' demands in return for some vague American promise of supporting Israel on Iran.

Guaranteed, anything offered by Uncle Sam will be worth less than if it were written on toilet paper and any Obama "guarantees" of support will disappear down the "john"  faster than you can say, "Flush it!"

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