Monday, June 10, 2013


By Sig Demling

For a disgraced president, Bill Clinton has done well for himself. 

The Arkansas Traveler has managed to con most of the civilized world into believing that he's one-quarter sage, one-quarter messiah, one-quarter mediator and last quarter The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.

How else can one explain how this chap, who made Monica Lewinsky infamous while simultaneously turning the White House into a porn flick, has become one of the most sought-after characters since Brad Pitt?

Surely it's not his good looks which -- on a scale of one to ten -- would average out to five. 

And it cannot be his accomplishments unless you consider Bill's agenting for Monica's rise to stardom a point of meaningful note.

What it amounts to is the same brand of boushwah that has enabled Barack Obama to retain the presidency despite a litany of failures the length of Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Virtually every American black votes for him simply because he's an African-American, no more, no less. In some convoluted manner, the Clinton-Obama gift of gab seduces women into giving them the nod. And, finally, college students, -- naively misled by their leftist professors -- figure them for saviors.

Thus, when Clinton appears anywhere he brazenly appears to be thinking that combined Hebrew-Yiddish expression; bahrooch-cha-boo, ich bin du. "Blessed be the one who is coming; I am here!"

That the Clinton con works can best be explained by his bizarre magnetism. Many groups -- nay institutions -- believe that Backwater Bill adds lustre to their groups just by his monarchial presence. And, not surprisingly, Israelis over the years have fallen into that trap, head-first. 

Exhibit A -- or should I say Exhibit $ -- is the most outrageous price offered to someone once termed "The Sociopath President." 

A sum of $500,000 has been offered to Clinton so that he can speak at President Shimon Peres' 90th birthday gala.

Forget about the fact that -- following incredible pressure -- the Jewish National Fund has changed course and now will not sponsor Clinton's address. 

Who in his right mind would hand over that kind of cash to someone who has disgraced his country and his supposedly sacred office? No matter what Clinton has to say, he's not worth 500 grand or anything close to that sum.

The kindest words we've heard on this near-scandalous issue came from Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch who asserted, "This is a waste of public funds by a state-sponsored body."

More than likely anything Clinton has to say will be a waste of words to go with the waste of money. After all what will Clinton do but deliver cheery homilies about his buddy Peres who we know has done considerable good for The Jewish State. How sweet it might be, a "Happy Birthday, Shimon" speech is not worth 500 grand, no matter how much Hebrew is sprinkled throughout.

And let us be sure to remember that while Clinton may be buddies with Peres, his real presidential relationship with Israel was pockmarked by puerile policies on the international scene that -- like Obama's -- have done precious little to protect Israel from an increasingly hostile world. 

Like his wife, Hillary, Bill is a blowhard who'll grab the big bucks wherever -- and from whomever -- he can, make his listeners believe that he's their best friend and then move on to the next group of suckers. 

Had either of the Clintons -- nor the current White House sloth-man -- really been serious about Israel's good and welfare they now would raise significant issues. They would address the following:

* WHY PEACE WITH THE ARABS IS IMPOSSIBLE: John Kerry comes and goes promoting an Israeli-Palestinian peace pact but reality on the ground indicates it will not happen. Throughout the West Bank and Gaza the hate-Israel campaign goes on unabated. As Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon points out, the Arab cultivation of anti-Semitism guarantees that any peace pact would "blow up in our faces." 

* HUMAN RIGHTS, ISRAEL VS. ARABS: "Israel is the only liberal democracy in the area where one can find gender equality and freedom for its citizens." The words are not from an Israeli but rather from a Pakistani,Raheel Raza. He is president of the Council of Muslims Facing Tomorrow. He adds, "I question Israeli Arabs and find that they are loath to leave the country where they enjoy freedom and human rights."

* THE BDS BULLSHIT: It would be heartening to hear Bill Clinton come to Israel and shout out his denunciation of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) individuals and groups. Wouldn't it be something if Arkansas Bill organized Saudi Arabia, Gaza and Pakistan "Apartheid Weeks." Let's hear Bill speak out against Sudan, Egypt, Burma, China and Iran -- countries which regularly persecute their own citizens.

On his visit, whether Clinton gets a buck or 500 grand, he should earn his dollars by getting up on the rostrum and speaking the truth. 

 Arkansas Bill can tell the world that the centers of apartheid can be found in every Arab country. The Palestinians, for example are explicit that they won't allow a single Jew in their dreamed-of state if they ever get one. That's why Ya'alon's words should be digested by Clinton and then reflected in his Bill's tribute speech to Peres and celebrants.

"We are being attacked over the issue of settlements," Ya'alon concludes. "If we're talking about peace and co-existence, why are the Palestinians demanding territory free of Jews?"

That's what Bill Clinton should be talking about if he wants to genuinely earn his money. 

A Happy Birthday to Shimon can be just dressing on the salad. Then, Clinton should get right to the meat of this whole Middle East mess.

Earn you dough, Bill, and tell everyone what they should know --  that there can be no peace without an end to Arab incitement against the Middle East's only legitimate democracy!

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