Sunday, June 2, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Times up! The game is up.

Never before has such a firm and well-tested ally as Israel been sold out by an American Administration.

Never before has an American President put not just Israel’s diplomatic safety in jeopardy, but all of America’s allies who sit in precarious positions (an important message for you Taiwan, South Korea and Japan).

Jews the world over who condemn Israel for what is basically the Arabs' destruction of peace, I tell you now, you are nothing more than COWARDS. All you have done is jump on the ship of immorality.

I have supported peace since attaining Israeli citizenship thirteen years ago.

I supported Israeli governments that have on several occasions offered up Arab "Palestinian" statehood and an end to this supposed “horrible” settlement building. Really people, were building homes for humans!

Each time and with each government we (the majority of Israelis) who seek peace have watched the Arabs play a sick, sadistic game -- in the end just demanding the destruction of Israel, that's all!

Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert were all rebuffed by the Arabs.

Why? Because the Arabs do not want peace; they wholeheartedly seek the destruction of our nation and country.

So do not expect us to give any more to these WOLVES in moderate clothes.

HAMAS leader Mahmoud Zahar admitted outright that Yassar Arafat gave HAMAS the green light for terrorist attacks after the Camp David and Taba talks.

Why have none of Arafats former underlings, Saeb Erekat especially, been investigated by the U.N. for committing War Crimes for the war they waged against the citizens of Israel?

What that means is that the supposedly moderate leader of the Arabs ordered HAMAS to carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians in the HEART of Israel, after Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Barak offered Arafat Arab Statehood in 97% of the Jewish Provinces of Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem and the whole of the Gaza Strip.

This HAMAS acknowledgment also means that the pimp Arafat was giving HAMAS the green light throughout the whole Oslo process.

One forgets that Israel suffered the most suicide attacks during the Oslo period. As PM Rabin stood for peace and paid for it with his life, Arafat stood for hatred and war.

Now Obama wants Israel to free a few hundred more Arab terrorists with blood on their hands, just so Mahmoud Abbas will come back to the negotiating table. Wait a sec, what about Jonathan Pollard Mr. Obama? You couldn't seem to free him could you?

Obama also wants my government to give Abbas and his Arab cronies a new settlement freeze.

Don’t think so, we Israeli’s have given up enough, we have paid enough for peace with our blood and it is high time the world WAKES UP!

I’ll say it now: this sick world won’t wake up.

Today’s anti-Israelism is just another form of anti-semitism.

This age-old form of racism dehumanizes Jews with lies, slander and downright hatred. It says the Jew and the Jewish nation is genetically flawed and evil. The same goes for today’s anti-Israelism: it dehumanizes Israel with lies, slander and hatred; all of it because it is the Jewish Nation.

Those who stand in our way seek the destruction of our country and nation and should be viewed as enemies and removed!

We must be ready to go to war on all fronts; we must be ready to make great sacrifices to defend our nation and people. No more Appeasement. Otherwise we will once again walk off to the gas chambers of history.

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  1. Simon Fischler Right on ! . No More Appeasement. No more Chamberlain type politics. They will oppress you and attempt to destroy you again over my dead body. I am your brother in this struggle.