Monday, June 3, 2013


By Simon Fischler

ONE MILLION PEOPLE on the streets of New York City marching in support of Israel.

Can you even believe that?

Yesterdays Celebrate Israel Parade was a victory in the face of the Fascist BDS, boycott Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel campaign on scale that is priceless.

I still can't believe it, ONE MILLION PEOPLE came out to support Israel.

No letter from Alice "tossed my daughter in a ditch" Walker could stop freedom yesterday!

Roger Waters must have been singing the Fascists Blues at home as the sons and daughters of American and Jewish liberty walked together proudly one million strong on the streets of New York.

Yesterday, Israel and America stood up to the aggression of Arab/Oil fascism.

Meanwhile, Stephen Hawking was still trying to figure out a concept harder than a black hole, boycotting Israel without the Israeli made chip controlling the computers that keep him talking.

Yesterday was truly a beautiful day, one million people came out in New York to say YES to the Jewish, Democratic State of Israel and no to the Arab and BDS fascists seeking to destroy her.

There is nothing else to say other than congratulations New Yorkers and thank you so much for your passionate support of our Nation. You have proven that you are no fools and the true sons and daughters of freedom and liberty!

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