Saturday, November 2, 2013


By Simon Fischler 
Many words come to mind when I think of the American and Euro-trash youth who sneak their way into Judea and Samaria to instigate fights with Israeli soldiers -- words like Fascists, Neo-Nazis, Trash, Arab supremacists, Pathetic and cowardly idiots. 
Oh yeah ignorant, degrading hypocrites springs up almost immediately, too.
Pathetically, it has become a tourist industry for super left, fascist Euro-trash and Americans to come to Israel and insult our youth serving in the Israel Defense Forces. 
Could you imagine the reaction throughout Europe or America if Israel started to send its youth over to their capitals to instigate and provoke their police and soldiers in the name of the Basque nation, the Roma people or the Native Americans?
They would absolutely lose control. 
Worse, these young Americans and Euro-trash are encouraging Arab youth to provoke Israeli soldiers into physical confrontations. All of this happens with the blessing of the children's parents as they look on. 
This fake, Jerry Springerish, circus act is sick and shows how desperate the Arabs are and how low they are willing to sink to deflect blame onto Israel.
If a situation such as this happened in America or Europe both the pseudo freedom fighters and the grotesque parents of the children would be shunned and kicked out of society. 
The sycophants do all of this just for a picture; a picture that tells a lie, but a lie that will make it into a photo journal in the Huffington Post!
Why do they come to Israel to provoke our children?
Why dont they go to China and fight for the Tibetan people? Why dont they go to Darfur, Rwanda or Georgia (the former Soviet satellite state) 
Why dont the youth of Europe go to Africa to correct the wrongs their parents, grand parents and great-great grandparents created on the African continent?
Why dont these phony dogooders go to Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria to demand freedom for Kurdistan?
Why arent they fighting France and Spain for the freedom of the Basque nation? 
How is that so many of these American youth who come over to our country to belittle and degrade Jews find that more appealing than fighting to give back all the land that was outright stolen from the Native American nations?
Why dont these kids demand that their parents give back the settlements they built in America to the rightful owners, the Native Americans?
Why dont both the Euro-trash and the fascist, left, Ameri-trash demand that the Arabs LEAVE THE SETTLEMENTS THEY HAVE BUILT IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA?
Because only the Israel Defense Forces would guarantee their safety! The Chinese government would have these idiots shot dead and the same goes for all the aforementioned nations; especially Syria!
More of these international hustlers are injured, physically harmed or in the cases of women, raped by the same Arabs they are supposed to be helping. This horrifying fact is a curse the Palestinian Authority and the groups that sponsor these idiots will do anything to try and hide. 
How is it possible for America to ask the Israeli government to entertain peace negotiations, when the Palestinian Authority allows these American and European youth into their jurisdiction to behave like Nazi Brown Shirts? 
These Jew-haters expect our soldiers (who have the life and death of the Jewish Nation on their shoulders) to stand there and be degraded. There is no difference between the behavior of these European youth and their Nazi forefathers. And sadly the Americans who have joined with them have no concept of the freedoms their grandparents fought for in World War II. 
It is time for the Israeli government, the Defense Ministry and the security establishment to re-evaluate how we handle these political criminals.
No longer should these international hooligans be afforded carte blanche.  But what to do? Young IDF soldiers fighting back against them would be playing right into their hands. Unfortunately, doing nothing accomplishes the same thing. Its a Catch-22 dilemma for Israeli forces.
In response a division of the Yassam (Israels undercover S.W.A.T. unit) should be created and dedicated to meeting these fascist agitators on the ground in any shape or form using whatever type of physical and hostile tactics necessary.
Once these wealthy, bored Euro-Trash and American youth realize that the State of Israel is no longer kidding around and that their physical safety will no longer be protected by the IDF, they might think more than twice to come over here. 

It is high time for Israel to show these COWARDLY, PATHETIC, DEGRADING and  ANTI-SEMITIC internationals to the exit door!

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