Friday, November 8, 2013


By Sig Demling

All this talk about Yassir Arafat being dead is sadly mistaken.

The Arab terrorist-turned-statesmen has risen from the grave in a new costume.

Arafat is now John Kerry.

Read his latest statements indicting Israel as the culprit in the current peace negotiations and you would think that America's Secretary of State is Arafat reincarnated.

For starters, Kerry is warning Benjamin Netanyahu that if Israel fails to stop settlement construction that it will inspire a third intifada.

The American's statement in and of itself serves only as an inspiration to the Arab terrorists harbored in the West Bank, not to mention Gaza.

What Kerry has done is act as judge and jury for the Arabs.

Why would Mahmoud Abbas have to lift another finger in favor of negotiation if Barack Obama's Secretary of Stooge continues tilting the table in favor of the Palestinian's.

It's patently clear that what I predicted years ago is coming true right before our -- and Bibi's -- very eyes.

The White House is undercutting Israel at every turn. And will continue to do so with Kerry as front-and-center marionette.

Obama's is hellbent to appease Tehran's nuclear desires but a tepid easing of sanctions that will forever peril Israel. 

This is being done with the knowledge that America's most faithful ally in the Middle East -- and the only working democracy vehemently has pleaded with Washington not to cow tow to the Iranians.

But nothing -- save some strong opposition by Congress -- will persuade Obama-Kerry from subverting Israel's interest because the Jew-hating administration -- and that's what it really is -- cares not one whit what happens to Israel.

How dare Kerry issue warning after warning after warning to Israel without once -- not once -- indicting the Palestinians for their incitement, their failure to recognized Israel as a Jewish state and for demanding pre-condition after pre-condition just to sit at the negotiating table?

Enough with the diplomacy. 

Bibi must stand up and shout, ENOUGH ALREADY with the odd-handed treatment with is poisoning the Israeli-American relations.

It's time to tell Obama and Kerry that if Middle East peace is their aim, they had better wise up because history-minded Jews know better.

It's time to articulate the theme learned after the Holocaust.

Never again!

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