Sunday, November 24, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Ever since Bill Clinton thoroughly debased, disgraced and denuded the White House with his Monica Lewinsky escapade the Democrat-dominated media has produced a spate of euphemisms for dirty words.

The anti-Israel agenda-filled mess-of-a-newspaper called The New York Times leads the way by neutralizing President Obama's endless string of lies with such sugary synonyms as mis-spoke designed to deflect criticism into the round file instead of where it belongs on the chief executive's desk.

Eventually, the president's lies catch up with him -- start with the Obamacare disaster -- and he's forced to fall back on puny apologies while his favorite editorialists try to save his lying face with more and more verbal sugar.

What the world has seen as the Obamacare failure follows a pattern and that sorry scenario is being enacted by the same inept White House advisors who have foisted an already-failed health care program on a thoroughly dismayed populace.

At least that putrid process was limited to the American borders but a similar formula now is being enacted that threatens enormous harm to Israel and other neighbors and nations throughout Europe and the Middle East.

What it amounts to is jamming a Be-Nice-To-Iran plan down the throats of a populace before the people and legislators have an opportunity to fully appraise it and denounce it in time before it comes to a vote.

That's precisely what evolved with Obamacare. Led by Obama stooge, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democratic flunkies, America's fault-ridden health care plan was pushed through despite the unalterable fact that it was riddled with errors and hellbent for disaster; a calamity which still is in the process of shattering the public's faith in its leader.

The Humpty-Dumpty president had a great fall and even the Times editorial board -- try as it might -- cannot glue him together again.

That, unfortunately, has not deterred the Pennsylvania Avenue Fools Brigade from trying the same despicable act on the international stage because -- as Clinton has proven -- there's no shame in the Democrat White House.

After secretly dealing -- behind Israel's back -- with the hostile Iranian government for over a year , the administration now is vigorously using the same technique that the Pelosi Gang employed when it came to pushing through the Obamacare catastrophe.

Any deal with the Teheran mullahs is doomed to boomerang because anyone who ever has dealt with Iranian carpet-dealers knows that they'll pull the rug out from under you once they've consummated any pact. While Iranian leaders threaten Israel with extinction and insult Jews with the vile-est language, Kerry and Obama brush aside the threats and anti-Semitism as if it never happened. 

Some friends. Some allies.

Naturally, America's Muslim president cares not one whit about the Iranian deal backfiring on Israel or any other nation. His -- and lackey John Kerry's -- interest is only to get it done and to hell with Benjamin Netanyahu and others who have pleaded otherwise.

A sensible onlooker might ask the same question that was posed to Pelosi. "What's the rush?"

The correct answer would have been, "I want to get this okayed and the rest will take care of the rest." It's called theory of fait accompli. Or, I want it done therefore -- no matter how evil it may be -- get it done.

It doesn't seem to matter to the White House that Obama's ratings among his constituents have plummeted to new lows. 

No matter. He's already a lame duck leader and he's always armed with the traditional African-American defense against his critics, "They're all a bunch of racists."

But that bit of booshwah no longer is accepted by a wising-up populace wondering how it will be further bamboozled by Obamacare.

Likewise, political analysts who see things clearly and see them whole wonder how damaging a later-to-explode Iranian deal can be from Israel to Saudi Arabia.

The parallel between the rush to push-through Obamacare and the helter-skelter nature of Mullahcare is frightening on several counts.

In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must know by now that he has been deceived with a Capital D by the president and his secretary of state. Every concession Bibi made to Washington has exploded in his face.

Those who regularly mis-speak at the White House are pure liars and must be dealt with as such in any future talks between the Israelis and Uncle Sam.

No longer can the venomous president cleanse himself with a Times editorial for two good reasons about the Obama character:

1. He's a sneak; 2. He mis-speaks -- as in liar.

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