Tuesday, March 11, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                         perfidy -- breach of faith; treachery: New Universal Dictionary

It truly is difficult to imagine a leader of the so-called free world being more perfidious than Barack Obama.

Time and again the American president performs acts of deceit before our very eyes. Yet, somehow, he eludes the criticism that a George Bush would receive had the comments come from a chief executive who is a Republican.

Deception via the White House is there before our very eyes. Consider the following:

* SYRIA: The White House famously announced that once Assad used chemical weapons the "Red Line" had been crossed and America would take action. We're still waiting for the action that never came.

* IRAN: Uncle Sam repeatedly has promised that the mullahs attempt to develop nuclear capabilities would be thwarted by the administration. Instead, Obama seems hellbent on helping Iran get the bomb.

* ISRAEL: Once upon a time Obama told an AIPAC audience, "I have Israel's back." Clearly the man needs a lesson in anatomy. At last look Jerusalem has been stabbed in the back so many times by the president the blood level is reaching flood proportions.

Anyone with half a brain who has studied the tidal wave of anti-Israel comments coming from Iran must know by now that Tehran simply can't wait for the day when it can nuke the only democracy in the Middle East.

Benjamin Netanyahu knows this and most Israelis must at least sense the threat based on the stream of hostile comments emanating from Iran.

But with utmost perfidy Obama now is pressuring Bibi to stop intervening in preventing a nuclear Iran. The president wants Israel to stop "assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists."

Can you imagine if in 1944 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt warned Winston Churchill to stop trying to assassinate Nazi nuclear scientists. Obviously the answer is no because the threat of German world domination was real.

Obama's anti-Israel maneuvering is totally out front which makes it even more outrageous. This is particularly evident when it comes to the "Framework" agreement that his secretary of state has been crafting for the past several months.

The original plan was for both Bibi and Mahmoud Abbas to hammer out an agreement that would lead to Arab-Israeli peace and a Palestinian State.

Kerry would shepherd the adversaries along as an honest broker who would not sanction any pre-conditions. A deal would be worked out fair and square.

That part of the arrangement disappeared like smoke rings in the air. Faster than you can say militant Islam, Abbas began issuing pre-conditions. And instead of immediately shutting him down Kerry urged Israel for a "show of good faith" which turned into a massive release of Arab prisoners with blood on their hands.

Over and over Abbas produced pre-conditions and, ever-reluctantly, Israel's Prime Minister acceded to them. As we have seen the world still is waiting for the first concession by the Palestinian leader.

Meanwhile, both Kerry and Obama have issued a series of threats to Israel. In one of the most one-sided, pro-Arab statements ever made by an American leader, the president already has made it clear that he will blame Israel and only Israel if peace is not made with Abbas.

Meanwhile, the perfidious president has not uttered one word of criticism about the intransigent Abbas who has yet to make one concession; let alone a painful one such as Bibi did when he ordered the release of prisoners.

Putin is about to invade the Ukraine and Obama is angry about Jews building apartments in their homeland.

That, as they would say in Yiddish, is the definition of a schmuck.

Filled with perfidy.

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