Monday, March 24, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The so-called peace process contrived by the White House is in danger and for only one reason.


Nothing in Arab strategy vis-a-vis Israel has changed since formation of the State of Israel. 

Then, as now, all the Arabs -- currently disguised with the phony title of "Palestinians -- can say is NO, NO, and NO when it comes to compromising with Israel.

In this latest Framework chapter, Mahmoud Abbas presents yet another set of demands in order for talks to continue beyond the April deadline date. 

Israel already has freed dozens upon dozens of Palestinians with blood on their hands. 

What concessions have the Palestinians made? 


But while the Arabs continue with their endless NOs, the con men at the White House continue to push Benjamin Netanyahu into a corner. 

Supposedly, the honest broker Secretary of State Kerry continues to twist the vise on Bibi while leaving Abbas free to maintain his stance of negatives. Meanwhile his puppeteer, Barack Obama, maintains an anti-Israel policy that simply cannot be concealed by cheery homilies. 

Fortunately there remain some Israeli leaders willing to speak out against Washington's woefully unfair treatment of the Middle East's only democracy. One of them happens to be Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon.

His unabashed rip job on Obama's appeasement policies, the president's failed foreign policy and his tilt toward the Arabs has -- tut, tut, tut -- enraged Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, columnist Herb Keinon puts it bluntly and accurately:

"American leaders regularly call Israeli policies into question," writes Keinon, "saying friends can talk honestly with each other.

"But when the tables are turned, all that openness and honesty is much less appreciated."

It's time that the White House face up to one bald fact about Abbas, Inc. A peace fact is not in his short nor long-range thinking. 

What do the Arabs want? The Jerusalem Post's Sarah Honig sees their objectives clearly and sees them whole.

"Strip away the palaver," Honig concludes, "and falsehoods and one theme remains constant throughout -- opposition to the Jewish national revival in this land. 

"That is, opposition to our at all being here."

In case you didn't know it before, now you know what the NO, NO, NO is all about!

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