Monday, March 17, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

When the Obama-Kerry vaudeville act opened the billboards proclaimed that the latest American-sponsored “peace process” would be fair.

There would be no pre-conditions awarded to either side.

Talks would be hermetically sealed so that nobody in or out of the media would know what was being said.

And, most of all, the poll-plummeting president and his sorrowful secretary of state swore that they would be fair to both sides. 

All Benjamin Netanyahu wanted from the Americans was an even-handed chance to forge peace with the Arabs.

The Prime Minister should have known better.

From the get-go Mahmoud Abbas made demands and the two-faced twins in Washington bowed to the Arab’s wishes.

Abbas wanted blood-on-their-hands prisoners freed and Bibi obeyed. Not once; not twice and now seemingly forever. Demands from the Palestinian side continued unabated while Bibi began to wonder “What’s going on here?”

Forget about the incessant leaks that were generated — and still are — from Pennsylvania Avenue.
They are bad enough.

Forget about all the bloody prisoners Israel has been conned into releasing; supposedly for Arab concessions which never come.

What’s appalling is the total lack of giving Israel a fair shake.

Where else but in American-Israeli relations would a Prime Minister such as Netanyahu be excoriated in print by Obama on the very fay Bibi was flying to Washington? 

The president’s interview not only undercut any semblance of equity that only the Israeli Prime Minister’s decorum prevented a diplomatic split.

That done, Kerry provided the next tilt toward Abbas by blatantly pulling the rug out from Bibi by declaring that it was not necessary for Abbas to recognized Israel as the Jewish State.

Not only was that a stab in the back but in the chest as well. 

Who are these characters in the White House kidding?

They have stacked everything in the White House against Israel at a time when mouths should be shut and the see-saw at an exactly even keel.

Should we be surprised?

No, no — and thousand times NO.

I have been writing in this space for more than three years that Obama, the Muslim president, cannot be trusted; not in any way.

The American public is wising up to that fact as the president’s acceptance polls are plummeting to new lows.

Certainly, Bibi should know that by know. The question is how does he counterattack against such blatant pro-Arab favoritism.

Easily the most forthright way is to speak out; call a spade a spade and let the chips fall where they may.

We all are aware by now that those chips have been placed in Abbas’ hands because that’s how the anti-Israel White House liberals want them to be!

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