Saturday, March 19, 2016


By Sig Demling

Hearing that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden will be guest speakers at the annual convention is enough to cause one to decide: A. Weep in despair: or B. Laugh ones head off at this burlesque of blowhards.

Clinton who appears destined to defeat the Jew-Non-Jew Bernie Sanders, no doubt will assert to this significant pro-Israel lobby that she's the best friend Benjamin Netanyahu could possibly find among those vying for the White House. 

Biden, who just completed a totally useless spending of taxpayers money visiting the Middle East, most likely will assert that Bibi read Barack Obama wrong; and that the petulant president really is lovey-dovey when it comes to Jerusalem.

Since Clinton assiduously studied Lying 101 from the Master Himself, Big Bill, her pro-Israe plaints are likely to impress about one-tenth-of-one percent of the audience. 

That is, unless the AIPAC delegates have been mired in Mars for the past half-year.

When it comes to Hail-Hillary, what we've learned over the past year is that two of her closest advisors, Father-and-Son Blumenthal. have been among the most hostile anti-Israel bashers this side of Nasrallah, the Hidden Hezbollah.

Therefore, it becomes incumbent on AIPAC leaders to confront Lady Clinton front and center and demand to know just how she can possibly give Israel a fair shake from the White House with the Blumenthal booshwah ringing in her ears?

And while they're at it, they also -- and I don't mean maybe either -- must force an explanation from Her Majesty about her decision to fully support Obama's deal with the terrorist-sponsors in Iran. 

This Clinton Woman has been about as supportive of Israel as any dozen Hamas murderers.

Therefore, if she's addressing AIPAC she must answer these -- among other -- questions or just shut up and get out.

Certainly, the AIPAC leaders must remember Obama's deathless words before this honorable group when he unabashedly declared, "I have Israel's back."

Had there been a lie detector backstage when those four words were uttered it would have exploded into smithereens. Had Obama been Pinocchio, his nose would have extended from Washington D.C. to the Western prairies.

Biden is another story; no less pathetic.

Like John Kerry, the vice-president-of-no-power-at-all is the president stalking horse; super-dummy if you will. 

Biden does the alibiing for his master; sort of a pinch-hitter without portfolio.

But if the vice-president is so intent on making a thoroughly hypocritical appearance then he should be whacked with a 21-gun barrage of questions starting with Obama's incessantly rude treatment of Israel's Prime Minister.

The White House has treated Israel as if it was a Third World dictatorship led by
supreme be-headers rather than Uncle Sam's best friend in the Middle East.

AIPAC surely has chapters and verses ready for any confrontation; not that I expect any such fireworks to be ignited.

The delegates with listen and no doubt applaud but secure in the knowledge that a lie is a lie no matter how it's delivered from a dais.

As the bromide goes, By their works shall ye know them.

By now AIPAC should know a phony from the read goods.

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