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⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Last week I had the opportunity to read an opinion article in the Times of Israel about Hasbarah. 

The premise of the piece written by Dov Lipman focused on why Hasbarah is supposedly not succeeding and what the pro-israel camp can do to make it succeed. 

According to Lipman if the pro-Israel camp would stop focusing on Israel high-tech and start focusing on how humane Israel is we would easily start winning the war of hearts and minds on American campuses.

WRONG, and the smoking gun lies in a video that Stand With Us uploaded to Facebook.

Stand With Us, an extremely pro-Israel group, does an admirable job of bringing the cause of Israel to American campuses. 

But Stand With Us is faced with an almost impossible position, One that Dov Lipman appears to be ignorant of. 

In the video that Stand With Us uploaded, an Israeli soldier had been brought in to talk with students about the Israel Defense Forces, how they operate in battle and what they do to protect civilian casualties.

The second the young soldier opened his mouth, a group of BDS agents jumped up and started yelling Free Palestine, From the River to the Sea Palestine will Be Free, which just means destroy Israel, and other BDS rhetoric.

The soldier never had a chance! 

This is what Lipman fails to see, this is where the problem lies. 

If there is a place where the pro-Israel camp is missing the mark, it is in the belief that Israel will get a fair chance to explain itself. 

Israel will not, it never has! 

Right now centers of higher learning throughout the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Europe are controlled by a fanatical group of people. 

Some like to call them Leftists or Liberals, they are neither, they are FASCISTS.

An example is the famed anti-Semite Noam Chomsky. First let us start with the fact that Chomsky is a Holocaust denier. 

This is a professor who stood 100% with the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. 

Somehow MIT thinks it is acceptable to let a man who supported a regime that killed 25% of the Cambodian population, or 2 million people, shape the minds of future

When speaking about Israel these Fascist Professors are always speaking about a subject that is well outside of their speciality. Yet somehow they are still given the right to use the influence granted to them by their institutions to promote slander against Israel. 

Worse, the institutions themselves dodge responsibility by saying they can do nothing because of the freedom of speech.

Nowhere in the constitution or under the premise of the freedom of speech does it say one has the right to promote lies and innuendo, silence groups you disagree with and promote bigoted hatred. 

Yet all over the free world, the Freedom of Speech is being used to do just this. 

Like World War Two Europe, which saw democracy bring about the Nazi party, the freedom of speech is being used to steal away the freedoms of Jews and Israelis.

These professors are being allowed to impose their OPINIONS on students. Many of these students are so green they believe their professors words to be infallible.

Those who know better are silenced and intimidated. 

It is Israel’s duty to explain to friendly nations that like Islamic Terrorism, the bigoted fascism that these professors are promoting against Israel and the threats that pro-Israel activists face on University Campuses are not just Israel’s problems alone. 

The fanatical Leftist theorists who attack Israel are also attacking the governments of their native countries. And no, it is not their right to use their titles to promote hatred against others.

Like Nazi Europe of World War Two, there is no bargaining with these people, there is no negotiating with them. 

Lipman seems to not understand that BDS movement is the American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and is funded by Qatar. The Wahhabi Sheikdom of Qatar is pouring millions into support BDS and its allied organizations. 

If the pro-Israel camp wants to get its message across it needs to froth at the mouth more than the opposition. 

When BDS screams, we need to scream louder. 

When BDS pushes, we need to push back harder.

And if BDS wants to try to intimidate, than we need to be willing to intimidate back. 

The State of Israel must understand that it has a duty to do more to promote and protect the young American Jews who have risen up and who are fighting on the frontline against the BDS movement. 

A message should also be given to both Itzhak Herzog and Yair Lapid. 

These two fools are doing more damage to Israel's image by constantly talking about BDS in the world media and Israeli media (they do this in the vein attempt of improving their polls) then BDS is. 

One might actually believe that these two jokers are working for BDS by the amount of play time they give it. Omar Barghoutti should personally call them up and thank them for doing his dirty work!  

Sadly what no one is focusing on are the young American Jews, a majority of them, who have sided with Israel and who are fighting tooth and nail for Israel's future. 

They are the BIRTHRIGHT generation. American Jews who have spent time in Israel, who know its beauty. They know Israel's humanitarian nature and its democratic values. 

These young American Jews are facing abuse of all kinds yet they are standing firm in their defense of Israel. This BIRTHRIGHT generation has fought and won many battles against BDS. They are the vanguard in the fight against BDS. They have forced congress to enact laws and re pushing back against the institutions of higher learning that are letting the anti-Semitism occur.

Apparently Dov Lipman and the Times of Israel know nothing about them. 

The problem lies with the older generations of American Jews. 

It is these Jews who are so transfixed on pleasing the democratic party, that they are willing to sell out Israel in a second. 

A fact that Lipman misses. 

Hasbarah can never be good if the American President is making the Israeli Prime Minister look bad. Fact, this older generation of Jews chose the Democratic Party and Obama's slandering of Bibi over Israel. 

These are the Jews who stood silently by as President Barack Obama wielded, for the first time in American history, the Dual loyalty canard against American Jews. 

They stood by as the Obama administration held secret talks with Iran and lied to Israel about them. 

Worst of all they stood silently by as President Obama treated Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu like garbage and made him out to be worse than Saddam Hussein. 

These are offenses against Israel and American Jews that are unforgivable. They should have sparked a confrontation, but the older generations sat back and took it, they gave this man their votes and he spat on them in return. 

This should have been a focus point of Lipman!

Sadly this situation is way to similar to how Jews behaved in Europe before World War Two. 

I do not know if there is much hope for this older generation of American Jews. They have NO backbone and will do everything to please a party, the Democratic Party, that has become at its grass roots level anti-Semitic.

But, there is a whole lot of hope in the Birthright Generation and they will continue to win battles against BDS. Israel needs to focus on them and it needs to use its resources to help them and more importantly to protect them.

Israel must do all it can to help this younger, feisty generation of American Jews, the  BIRTHRIGHT generation, they are a big part of the Hasbarah solution. 

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