Wednesday, March 9, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜


We have some very sad, breaking news to report.

Earlier news editions broke a false story about young Jesus being stuck at an IDF check point. New information brought to our attention shows that these initial reports were false.

In yet another attempt to incite against Israel and to cover-up for the brutality of Palestinian society, the Palestinian Authority in connection with certain anti-Israel/anti-Semitic churches reported the false rumor of Jesus being stuck at a check point.

Jesus, a JEW born in JUDEA should not have any problems at checkpoints.

The cover-up attempt by the colonialist Arab Palestinians was made to steer attention away from graver news.

The news is far more painful than what was reported before. 

We now know that Jesus and his parents Joseph and Mary were attacked on the streets of Bethlehem today for being Jewish. 

Jesus had returned to his hometown of Bethlehem to visit his parents.

While the three were out enjoying a stroll walking towards Manger Square they were brutally attacked by Hamas/ISIS and ISLAMIC JIHAD Terrorists. 

We are very sorry to report.... that the Muslim fanatics brutally stabbed Joseph to death in front of young Jesus. 

No one came to their aid. 

After all they were Jews and this is how the Arab Occupying Force carries out its “non-violent” demonstrations.

As Joseph lay bleeding to death, the Jihadist attackers turned their attention to Mary another Jewish non-believer. Mary has been severely beaten, raped and what we now know is that she is in critical condition and may not make it through the night.  

The terrorists were on the verge of attacking young Jesus, when an IDF patrol arrived at the scene of the crime.

Joseph had made an emergency call while bleeding to death from his stab wounds. 

The IDF unit intervened saving the life of young Jesus. 

The Terrorists attempted to abduct Jesus to use as a bargaining chip once they saw that the IDF was arriving in full force. 

At this point in time the local Arab squatters notified the European and foreign journalists who live with them and they showed up at the scene hoping to film the IDF brutally attacking "poor" Palestinians.

They did not know that this IDF unit was actually saving the life of Jesus.

Later on the European media attempted to spin the situation on the ground, but the damage they had done was already obvious. 

They are still attempting to focus their reports on the brutal battle now being waged between the IDF unit that is attempting to extradited Jesus, Mary and the body of Joseph from the scene and the Islamic Terrorists that carried out the attack.

It appears IDF reinforcements have arrived and we are happy to say that the IDF has been able to evacuate Jesus, Mary and sadly the body of Joseph.

An ongoing battle is being wagged inside of Bethlehem as the IDF tries to contain the Qatari backed, Muslim brotherhood allied, ISIS/HAMAS/ISLAMIC JIHAD Palestinians, or the Arab Occupying Force. 

The Palestinians are claiming that Israel used excessive force and that they have suffered causalities, even saying a great massacre has occurred. 

As of right now reports from Peace Now say that while they wish they could agree with their Palestinian brothers the only casualties they know of are three of the terrorists that murdered Joseph.

We will bring you more news as it comes in.

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