Thursday, February 9, 2017


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Here is a question for all you Facebook academics, intellectuals and later day saints.

Noam Chomsky is hailed as one of the greatest minds of our day and possibly one of the greatest thinkers of all time by many in the left. The problem is, many of those who adore the former kibbutznik Chomsky, don't know a damn thing about the man.

Many, today also believe that Donald Trump is the next Hitler in the making. This I know to be an extreme overreaction.

Which one of them, the articulate academic or the bullish businessman, do you think was a fervent supporter of the Khmer Rouge?

If it happens to be that you do not know the Khmer Rouge, then I suggest you look up some history. In a sentence, they were the regime that stormed into power in Cambodia under Pol Pot and by their demise had mass murdered more than one million Cambodians in one of the worlds worst recorded genocides.

If you said Trump, then you would be very wrong.

The world and especially left leaning media groups like CNN, MSNBC and The BBC like to pretend this did not happen.

But it did.

The "Left" had taken power and low and behold one of its movements was carrying out crime unimaginable.

It was the leaders of thought inside of the left, the great minds of the left that rallied behind the Khmer Rouge.

Chomsky was one of their greatest supporters.

This man lionized the worst type of maniacal, despotic leaders possible. Those that had zero problem killing a million plus Human beings.

Chomsky has zero regrets about the decisions made, in fact he does not even bat an eyelid, he still behaves as if he made the right decision.

So I guess, my fellow humans, the question really is should you be protesting a gay, Jewish man (Milo) at UC Berkeley, a man trying to use his first amendment rights to support the President of the United States of America?

Or should you be protesting MIT for allowing a man, Chomsky, who is a stalwart supporter of one of the worst criminal, genocidal, regimes in world history? A regime, I will remind you, that killed more than one million of its own people.

Do you not think it would be wiser and more productive for the human race to protest MIT for giving this vile man the ability to continue to teach his deviant opinions to the future leaders of our world?

Maybe even protesting the fake leaders who have sold out the left and liberal values, who have sided with the jihadi movement to pick up a Qatari paycheck and the senators like Elizabeth Warren (who I happen to like) who should have put an end to this malignancy that has been growing right inside our institutions of higher learning in America.

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