Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Mexican Connection

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

The political situation for America and Israel vis-a-vis Mexico is not as nice and cozy as many are making it out to be.

The opposition inside of Israel seems to forget that Mexico originally voted against Israel in the anti-Semitic UNESCO resolution that denied the Jewish People's connection, historical ties and international law that makes Jerusalem the Capital City of the Jewish Nation State.

I do not remember Mexico apologizing for that, but I could be wrong, they might have.

But Bibi should know better and he should definitely not emulate Trump and his feverish tweeting.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has enough on his plate right now, he cannot afford to make enemies of friends, like he did with his tweet that offended the Mexican Government.

And just to be clear to my American readers and friends, Mexico will not pay for the wall, nor should it. Maybe I could have seen Mexico going half and half with the Trump administration had Trump done things in a more diplomatic fashion, but that is not going to happen now.

When Israel decided to build the separation barrier, which is basically a partial border, it did not ask the Palestinian Authority for permission, money or assistance.

Israel went ahead and got business done for the safety of Israelis.

But the real problem with Mexico is not immigrants. It is the Drug Cartels, there relationship with the Colombian guerrilla movement F.A.R.C and both of their relationships with Hezbollah/Iran.

Hezbollah has been working with the Drug cartels and with the F.A.R.C., for years.

This has given Hezbollah a very deep bridgehead on the American border.
Using the knowledge they gained by working with their native Colombian cartels the F.A.R.C just moved shop north when the heat from the Colombian Army got to be to much inside the jungles of Columbia.

Meanwhile both the F.A.R.C and the Mexican Drug Cartels, specifically the Sinaloa, Los Estes and Juarez Cartels (often rivals) received military knowhow, tunneling, drug making and drug running expertise from Hezbollah (many forget that Hezbollah funds itself from growing and selling Heroin  from the Bekaa Valley).

This knowledge was used by the F.A.R.C in their fight against the American backed government of Columbia.

The Sinaloa, Juarez and Los Estes Cartels used the Hezbollah knowledge to protect their drug shipments, set up intricate tunnel systems (like the ones used by Hezbollah to continually fire rockets into Israel during the war of 2006) for running their Heroin and Meth into America which has created one of the worst drug epidemics America has seen.

Hezbollah also provided the knowledge of transporting large amounts of illegal materials without being noticed, like rockets.

All of this was done not to get money but in exchange for bases from which Hezbollah and therefore Iran could easily launch attacks against America, insert terrorist cells or long range sleeper cells for future missions and possibly fire short to medium range rockets into America.

Both the drug Cartels and the F.A.R.C were more then happy to provide Hezbollah the acreage and the protection.

This Hezbollah connection to both Mexico and South America dates back decades. It is thanks to these forward Hezbollah bases that their agents, working for the Iranian Republican Guard, were able to detonate large bombs (a la Al Qaeda long before Al Qaeda was doing this sort of thing) inside of Buenos Aires in 1992 against the Israeli embassy and again in 1994 against the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, which killed  Argentines both Jews and non-Jews and Israelis.

Today Hezbollah is continuing to provide Heroin and advance weapons training to the cartels and the F.A.R.C (this may soon end with the FARC because of the Columbian peace agreement). In return the cartels and the F.A.R.C have provided on site weapons, safe houses and the depots to store weapons of greater capacity (rockets) on the Mexican side of the border.

Thanks to the network that Hezbollah has been able to set up, there are multiple cells ready to cross over the border and go into action if America were to attack Iran or Syria and there are rockets pointed towards America's South Western States.

This was a key point in Iran wrestling away such a good Nuclear deal. A deal that flouts International Law and let's Iran keep Uranium Enrichment..

So, really the problem is not the immigrants, and while a wall can keep people out it cannot stop rockets, Israel can testify to that.

What is the solution?

Working hand in hand with the Mexican government could go a long way. Changing drug laws inside of America with decriminalizing certain drugs could also play a productive role and yes building a much better wall.

This combination could take power away from the enemies of America, Mexico and Israel.

But of course, it is not the populous road to take.

*Since the writing of this article, the Iranian backed, Shia Houthi Terrorist group (a minority group in Yemen) that staged a coup to overthrow the internationally backed government two years ago,  carried out a suicide attack on a Saudi Arabian Naval Frigate killing two Saudi sailors and injuring many others.

While the perpetrators were filming the attack  "Death to America, death to Israel, death to the Jews!" was chanted.
The American Navy routinely patrols the strategic Bab-a-Mandab straight. This has led many in the field of defense to speculate that the Houthis believed that they were attacking an American vessel.

This is an extreme escalation of the conflict and all parties of The West, including Israel should be preparing for further attacks.

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