Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Greenwashing of Linda Sarsour

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

I would like to comment on the sick attempt by Linda Sarsour to cover up her anti-Semitic, Nazi beliefs by raising money for the St. Louis Jewish cemetery that was desecrated this week.

First, I look forward to and hope the police quickly find out who was behind this disgusting crime. 

Now, I wish to be vey clear, all of the statistics show that the majority of anti-Semitic attacks happening today inside of the United States and Europe are not carried out by Neo-Nazis but are perpetrated by Arab Muslims, Muslims or in the name of the supremacist, Arab Muslim colonialist Cause of Palestine . 

So, this leads me to question the quick response of Ms. Sarsour. 

I question how she was able to know and act so quickly when it comes to the crowd funding and raising money for the Jewish Cemetery. 

This leaves a very fishy taste in my mouth.

And it is very clear that Linda Sarsour is taking part in this to carry out her own Greenwashing here and possibly to set up the start of a political career, g-d forbid. 

She may believe that she can cover up her Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, BDS, Genocidal Nazi past by raising money for a Jewish Cemetery.

She might make some headway with the naive, uber-leftists (who are not liberal but are fascists) among American Jews. 

In fact I am sure she will be able to use the righteous outrage of us in the know to paint us as militants. But those who know she is a fake, who know she stands for the destruction of Jewish Freedom in the indigenous land of the Jewish People, Israel, will not be fooled and we will win the day with facts she cannot hide from.

Linda, get it into your head, we cannot be bought off! 

But it is dependent upon us, those who know the truth about Linda Sarsour. We must get the facts and information out into the open and to do it immediately. 

So, first, I plead with all of the pro-Israel camp, the grassroots bloggers and the those in the media to put the information, the facts of Sarsour’s anti-semitic past out there in large neon letters.  

I call on the American Jewish community to not accept a single cent from Linda Sarsour or the groups she represents. 

There is no difference between accepting her money and accepting money from a Nazi. We need to say very clearly to Linda Sarsour, No, we will not take your blood money!

It is time to take a stand, from America to Western Europe, from University Campuses to  inner cities, towns and villages. 

It is time to scream out and demand a stop to the acceptance of Arab/Muslim anti-Semitism.

I say no more of the Greenwashing of anti-Semitism by the Linda Sarsours and Omar Barghouti’s of the world.

Their poisonous, racist, anti-Semitism cannot be covered up by money and no one should accept their appropriation of the Jewish people’s rights to self-determination and freedom in the land of Israel.

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