Monday, August 9, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

* STATE (OF IDIOCY) DEPARTMENT: Over the decades -- dating back to pre-World War II days -- the American State Department has been singularly less than friendly to Jews and even less hospitable when it comes to Israel. Somehow, those who like to fantasize about the Clinton Family believed that with Queen Hilary now on the throne, Israel would get a better break from State.


As usual, the joke is on Israel.

Because an Arab-launched rocket was fired -- and exploded -- in the Israeli resort city of Eilat, the U.S. State Department sent out a warning to Americans traveling in Israel. Stay away, if you can help it.

The sanity of such a decision by Queen Hilary's empire would be roughly equivalent to Israel's Foreign Ministry telling its citizens not to visit Washington, D.C. because of a spate of neighborhood gang killings in America's capital.

Let's face it, this State Department directive was no less than a blatantly idiotic, damaging move against what is supposed to be Uncle Sam's foremost ally in the Middle East.

It was sanctioned by Queen Hilary and -- indubitably -- with an approval stamp issued by her boss, President Obama.

One can only wonder when they'll wake up to the reality of who is a friend and which is not a nation to be trusted.

* THE MOSQUE MOCKERY: Funded by those who would weaken Israel into submission, the outfit J Street behaves as if it were taking orders from Tehran rather than supporting the J -- for Jewish -- State.

But judging by its endless anti-Israel rants, the J in J Street should stand for Jerks -- First Class!

Not surprisingly, J Street honcho Jeremy Ben-Ami -- whose outfit is in part funded by Israel's enemies -- supports the plan to build a monster mosque in the shadow of the destroyed New York City's Twin Towers.

Ben-Ami, along with many of the other bleeding-heart liberals, charges that the proposed Muslim religious center is being held to a tougher standard than other religious institutions would be.

This mosque mockery has nothing to do with religious freedom for Muslims.

A missive I received from puts the reality as well as anyone, anywhere. To wit:

"The suggestion that Muslims are 'treated differently' than other religions is absurd. Nobody says they can't build yet another mosque in New York -- it's just this particular location that presents a problem. If those planes had been hijacked by Buddhist monks, then possibly some of us would feel funny about putting a monastery here, too. But they weren't."

If they are so hot to build a mosque in Manhattan, why not respect the demands that if the relatives of murder victims don't want a reminder of the murders next to the graves of their loved one, then IT COULD BE BUILT A MILE OR TWO AWAY.

Another insightful view from

"One of the reasons why Ben Ami has injected J Street into this controversyt is to help one of his bosses, Barack Obama.

"The administration is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because it craves Muslim affection too much to oppose the mosque, but yet is unhappy that Republicans are making an issue of it. So Ben-Ami can help by attacking the 'pandering politicians.'"

FACT: Almost sixty percent of likely New York State voters believe that the mosque should go somewhere else..

* CHOMSKY THE CHUMP: Too often to suit me, so-called "intellectual-academic" critics of Israel bear Jewish names.

Therefore, it often is assumed by the non-Jewish community, the world over that if these people with Jewish names do not like Israel, therefore there must be something wrong with the only democracy in the Mideast.

The Choamskys of the universe may carry Jewish names but their allegiance to the far left erase any genuine Jewishness to which they might profess.

British researcher Robin Shepherd summed it up thusly:

"Chomsky's political standing in the left is more important for him than his Jewish identity. That's why the extreme Jewish critics of Israel almost always come from the far left -- for them politics is the most important part of their identity.

"They are in thrall with a system of thought that happens to have as one of its main objects of belief an obsessive hatred of Israel."

In other words, for the chump Chomsky, et. al., this far left -- ideological -- religion comes before being Jewish.

Or, to put it in realistic terms, Chomsky and his ideological pals might as well be card-carrying members of Hamas for all their Jewishness!

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