Monday, August 23, 2010


Isn’t it interesting that the noise coming out of the Palestinian Camp is how face-to-face negotiations -- to which the Arabs already agreed -- will instantly be reduced to toast if Israel ends its settlement freeze next month?

What is today’s date?


It’s August 23, 2010.

When did Israel launch its settlement freeze -- and why?

Israel froze building in the settlements last November. Why? Simply as a fig leaf to bring the Palestinians back to negotiations. No more, no less.

So Israel stops building at the behest of President Barack Obama for eight months, eagerly awaiting a reciprocal gesture (i.e. peace talks) and what happens.

As they say at the White House -- ask Bill Clinton -- same old, same old.

The Palestinians do nothing in return, except create smoke screens and blow hot air.

The callous and reprehensible behavior of the Palestinians is as clear as a Cadillac’s windshield in a showroom. It is transparently illusory.

Same old. Same old.

As always the Palestinians are neither interested in negotiating nor are they interested in peace unless, perhaps, Israel ceded Judea, Samaria, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Negev to Mahmoud Abbas and his band of charlatans.

Palestinian actions, when it comes to peacemaking have braked for years in a state of inaction with no traction in sight.

Or, to put it another way, their motives are clear, assuming you translate from the Arabic. In those instances, they have no qualms about admitting to their true intentions.

Do nothing.

President Obama can push, cajole, promise and figuratively get on his knees, pushing Abbas & Co. to the negotiating table but he’s wasting his time.

Just look at the dates; look at the record; look at the Arabs’ history of non-negotiation.

In this case, they have blown away -- wasted -- eight months of the Bibi Netanyahu’s unprecedented concession.

Reminder: this was the first time in the Jewish nation’s history that a settlement freeze was agreed to by any Israeli government, and this is a Likud government that put it into affect.

After wasting eight months of this generous political gift (settlement freeze), the recalcitrant Arabs have again proven their political redundancy; they did nothing; zilch; zero.

In effect, the Palestinians politically urinated on a unique concession as if it were nothing.

That done, they then raised their chutzpuh level another notch and are now making demands about having the freeze extended.

Take your pick, Abbas’ strategy is either, 1. Reprehensible; 2. Disgraceful; 3. Typical or, 4. All of the above.

Has Mahmoud Abbas been reading the same playbook as Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan? Is Abbas ignorant enough of history to make the same mistake that Arafat made in 2000? Does Abbas think setting up Israel for another Mavi Marmara will help the Palestinians negotiating position?

If so he is as mistaken as Arafat and Nashrallah were about Israeli society.

We are not ready to surrender our country. If the world chooses -- as it so often has with the Jewish Nation -- to blame us for the mistakes of others, we are not going to accept the blame.

Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat talks about re-launching negotiations where they left off with Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak.

Is he trying to pull off some perverse joke?

Sadly the ever bold and racist Erekat gets away with these inciting comments because of an ignorant and biased -- against Israel -- media, which has helped create universal obtuseness about Israeli-Arab relations.

If we were to continue negotiations where they left off there would be nothing to negotiate about, other than the Palestinians accepting less than they were given before.

If the Palestinians believe that they can squeeze more out of our government then they are deceiving themselves. It is also not Israel’s fault that the GREEDY appetites of Yassar Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas led them to turn down the more then generous offers given to them by the two Ehud’s.

I hope Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu is ready for this Palestinian media trap.

Our country is strong and we will not capitulate to the criminal and propagandist actions that have been carried out against us by the Turks, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority.

On the other hand we should no longer be falling into the vile traps the Palestinians are setting for us at the expense of peace and their own statehood.

It is high time for us to grab the upper hand.
We wish all the best of luck to Prime Minister Netenyahu.

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