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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu demanded today that Israel apologize for the nine deaths of Turkish IHH terrorists aboard the Mavi Marmara.

The Israeli government response should be swift; Israel will never apologize for the inflammatory and aggressive actions taken by the Turkish government by allowing and even encouraging the Hate Flotilla.

Israel should also demand from the Turks an immediate apology. From there the Israeli government should also make it her policy to champion the Armenian cause against the Turks at the UN and in the United States of America.

Until now Israel has been the main Turkish advocate in America, sadly using her pull to keep the Turks’ slate clean of one of the world’s most despicable atrocities ever committed. That must stop immediately.

Turkey is no longer an ally to either Israel or America, and anyone who says different is kidding himself. Turkey should no longer receive the grace an ally would receive.

I have been told to leave this subject alone, that it is old news and if Israel can have a friendship with Germany, then what the Turks did doesn’t apply at all today.

This is wrong. First off, the Jewish Nation has not forgiven the German Nation for the atrocities carried against them. We have moved on to a point, but we will never forget. On top of that the German Nation accepts responsibility for what it has done.

Germany accepts and recognizes sole responsibility for the Shoah. The German Nation has even asked the Jewish Nation for forgiveness.

The Turks, on other hand, waltz around pretending they are not responsible for the murder of over ONE MILLION ARMENIANS.

Now that Turkey has unofficially declared war on Israel, Israel is duty bound to fight for the million-plus Armenians killed at the hands of the Turks during the Armenian Genocide.


The Sayyed of Beirut has apparently forgotten the important lesson he learned (and later admitted to) during the Lebanon War of 2006.

If one remembers, Hassan Nasrallah admitted he would not have given an okay for the cross-border attack that started the Lebanon War of 2006 had he known how Israel was going to respond.

Trying again to deflect attention away from bad news pointing at Hezbollah, Sheik Nasrallah tried to drag Israel into another confrontation on her northern border when he had a Shiite Lebanese Armed Forces commander instigate the attack on Israeli soldiers that lead to the death of Lt. Colonel Dov Hariri.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outplayed the Beirut Sheik and was not suckered into the trap of jumping into another war without planning.

So now Sheik Nasrallah goes to plan B: a live news conference in his bunker where he has been hiding since 2006.

What does the Sheik have to say? That Israel is actually responsible for the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. He also contends that the UN Tribunal for the Assassination of Lebanese Prime Minster Rafik Hariri is nothing more than a Zionist ploy.

This should have just been brushed aside as insane jibber, jabber. The UN acting in the Zionists cause? You must kidding, Sheik! After all it was the government of Lebanon that asked for the UN to open the Tribunal into PM Hariri's death.

It is now common knowledge that the UN Tribunal for Assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is set to assign blame on Hezbollah. When that happens it will also indirectly assign blame on Syria and Iran, Hezbollah’s two sugar-daddies.

There is no way Hezbollah would have done something this large without the green light from Syria and Iran.

Neither of the latter countries had a problem with giving the green light. Former PM Hariri was a thorn in their side, since he wanted a Hezbollah-, Syria- and Iran-free Lebanon. There were even rumors that his friendship with the USA could have lead to peace negotiations with Israel, making him considerably more than a mere thorn.

In our interesting times, though, we have The New York Times and its reporter Nada Bakri who actually hails the speech as a sign of how sophisticated Hezbollah has become!

Ms. Bakri tells her readers that the tape presented by Nasrallah of an Hezbollah prisoner, supposedly admitting to working for Israel and admitting to telling Hariri that Hezbollah was attempting to assassinate him is “sophisticated.”

She also tries to convince her readers that aerial photographs (easily acquired from Iran or even taken off the Internet) are proof of Hezbollah’s access to Israeli documents. Yeah, right.

But let’s return to the UN Tribunal for Lebanon: it, or its findings, may lead to the start of the next war between Israel and the Iranian client-states of Syria, Lebanon and Hamastan of Gaza.

Why? Largely because the Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese and Hamas governments have gotten pumped up on their own rhetoric.

Their short-term memory loss and the destructive wars they brought upon themselves have pushed them to the brink of war with Israel, yet again. This is a place that is very hard to back down from: one merely needs to hold a séance and ask the spirit of Gamel Abdel Nasser!

Just to make the situation every whackier, these governments have got it in their heads that Turkey will jump on board and fight along side them.

They are incapable of understanding that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is smart enough to know the difference between beating up and oppressing the Kurds and fighting the IDF.

So what can be done?

America wants Israel to sit tight, but she has been asking that of her ally for way too long. Iran, on the other hand, has been galloping towards nuclear weapons while destabilizing the Middle East and going “Yada, yada, yada” towards the West while doing it.

Israel won’t and can’t wait much longer to act.

So it would seem there is not much else she can do but prepare for war.

Yet again.

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