Saturday, August 7, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

* Haaretz reads as if it's funded by Hamas, Iran and Syria and edited by the clown running Libya.

* Turkey must have had the world's best public relations consultants for the past century when you consider that the Turks' mass killings of Armenians still has yet to be officially branded as "genocide."

* Am I mistaken or didn't Barack Obama -- campaigning in the 2008 election -- vow that, if elected, that most-blessed-be-he, Obama, would personally brand mass killings genocide?

* Poor Barack; so young to develop amnesia!

* Check out Caroline Glick's column in the weekend Jerusalem Post. Among other insights, she notes that, "The United States is abetting and aiding the war against Israel by supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Palestinian military. The U.S. won't stop until Israel demands that it stop." (It's a must read.)

* Should we be surprised at the United Nations employing a senior Hamas terrorist? Only if we believe that the sun comes up in the West.

* Issa al-Batran, the senior Hamas commander killed last month, was a teacher at a UN school in Al-Bureij. Nice to be on the UN payroll while moonlighting as terrorist.

* Were Rudy Giuliani still New York City's mayor, he would have vetoed plans for the Ground Zero mosque faster than you can say Arafat.

* Writing for, Tawfik Hamid points out that "Radical Muslims and their sympathizers want to raise the giant mosque as a sign of victory of the jihadists over the United States."

* Not that it's my favorite description of Uncle Sam's commander-in-chief but columnist David Broder is on target when he brands Obama "The Empathizer In Chief."

* Key Question: When will he stop "empathizing" with Iran and the other Israel-haters?

* Then again, "empathizing" is too soft a description. Let's face it, the president is coddling, at best, appeasing, at worst. Mostly the latter.

* Ken Blackwell, Fellow of The National Academy of Public Administration and the Family Research Council, has X-rayed America's too-soft, too-late foreign policy rather well.

* Blackwell puts it this way: "Who's responsible for the serious downward spiral in the Mideast? When the Obama administration spends its first year 'extending an open hand' to the murderous mullahs in Tehran, and when it fails to do anything meaningful to stop Iran's march to nuclear weapons, when the administration stiff-arms the Israelis, the wolves of jihad gather."

* Why do I believe that Blackwell is right on? Because, as he concludes, "The wolves of jihad scent blood. Will this be one more chapter in the lamentable story of how weak and irresolute leadership leads us into war? We pray it doesn't happen."

* Unless Obama's policies take a firm and resolute turn against Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah, the negative is more likely to emerge than the positive.

* Near the end of World War II, the Nazis forced the Judenrats to dispatch Jews to the death camps. Thanks to the "ultra-liberal, progressive, Jewish so-called intellectuals," such as Michael Lerner and Chaim Seidler-Feller in America, the term Juden-RAT has returned to use. The more this anti-Israel bunch attack the Middle East's only democracy, the more they appear more rodent-like and less Juden. (Check out J Street's anti-Israel policies and you'll see what I mean. And if you don't like Juden-RAT, try Jewish Quisling instead.)

* Another good point by Tawfik Hamid. "A Ground Zero mosque would signal to the Islamic world that the jihadists overt and covert attacks against America and its interests are succeeding and should be continued."

* Talk about fantasy thinking when it comes to Mideast peace, just check out anti-Israel New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman at least once a month. Friedman is dreaming when he suggests that building of the Ground Zero mosque would be proof of American tolerance that will have a positive impact on the Muslim world. Sooner or later Friedman will extract his head and his computer from the sand. Most likely much too late.

* The Jerusalem Post's Sarah Honig is another who gets it. Don't miss her column this weekend, "A New Mideastern Religion." She emphatically notes that supporters of a "Two-State Solution" are either dreamers, phonies or both. As for Propped-Up Abbas and his Palestinian Authority high command, she writes that "They never truly espoused the cause of two-state harmony." In conclusion, she adds, "Abbas is terrified of the two-state solution!" Truer words never were spoken nor written!

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