Sunday, March 13, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Two words -- HATE and IRRATIONALITY -- are all you need to have when it comes to summing up what Israel is up against.

Apart from oil, hate is the basic product which Arabs are best at delivering.

To be more precise, hatred of Israel is now being peddled so freely and often by Islamics it is inconceivable that the venomous assaults will ever terminate

The reaction to such negativism by supposedly fair-minded bodies such as the United Nations is without precedent.

Never has it been more evident than in the slaughter of an innocent Jewish family in the Israeli hamlet of Itamar.

In Gaza, the death of a five Jewish family members -- including three children, one of whom was three years old and another just a month old -- was triumphantly hailed by the Arabs with holiday jubilation.

Celebratory candy was doled out by Hamas. Arabs in Rafah city rushed into the streets as if a grand military triumph was taking place. This gleeful commemoration was in honor of terrorists who killed an eleven-year-old who was reading in bed. The Arabs are lionizing someone who slit the throats of a baby and children.

And they are celebrating only because the innocent victims are Jews.

Don't for a moment forget that fact because the UN, European Union leaders and most of the allegedly civilized world are forgetting about it as quickly as possible.

That, of course, includes the loathsome, Israel-bashing British Broadcasting Corporation, CNN, The New York Times and -- bet on this -- Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was correctly enraged because Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refused to properly and swiftly condemn the attack.

Bibi urged -- demanded? -- that Abbas curb the dehumanization of Jews in the Palestinian media and schoolbooks "once and for all."

It's a reasonable request; or at least it would have been had the object of Netanyahu's bid been rational. But you'll get none of that in Ramallah, Gaza, on The Times editorial board, in the White House and among BBC producers. I know this and author Tom Gross knows as well.

"The Palestinian Authority continues to lionize Palestinian suicide bombers in its media and at schools," writes Gross, "and name public squares after them. Israel argues that this only services to encourage attacks like the one perpetrated in Itamar."

Of course it does but my point is simply that it is pointless to expect otherwise from the Arabs. Their hate for Jews is palpable from Gaza to Saudi Arabia, across the Muslim world, across the Atlantic and even in Berkeley, California where Israel supporters are harassed on college campuses while University leaders claim that such incitement falls under the banner of "free speech."

PLUS -- and let's not forget this -- a group of Quisling Jews within the Israeli media can be lumped into this despicable group. That means those Haaretz columnists who write as if they are directly -- not to mention handsomely -- funded by Al Jazeera.

One of my friends succinctly addressed the Haaretz position thusly: "What can one say when a Haaretz journalist -- even before the funeral of these innocents -- has nothing better to write except that we have to fear a pogrom my Jewish extremists?"

Expecting anything but an irrational, Jew-hating response to the Itamar massacre is simply the height of naivete.

How can Israeli citizens have any faith whatsoever that the Middle East's only democracy will get a fair shake anywhere from the White House to United Nations Plaza? Not when a group such as the UN's Human Rights Council has included -- until recently -- Col. Muammar Qaddafi's regime?

What's worse is the fact that the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad is now running for a seat on that very same Human Rights Council.

No matter that Assad operates one of the most notorious police states in the world. Why would that bother the UN which is more interested in assailing apartment-building in Israel.

Fortunately, fair-thinkers such as Hillel Neuer are exposing the folly of Assad's bid.

Executive Director of UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights group, Neuer is outraged by the Syrian move.

"Assad's regime denies the Syrian people the right to free speech and freedom of assembly, jails journalists and tortures dissidents," argues Neuer. "It sponsors some of the world's most vicious terrorist groups and has assassinated numerous journalists and opponents in Lebanon.

"The UN and cause of human rights will be severely damaged if Syria's Assad regime wins a seat."

Based on the aforementioned facts you can bet that the UN rights council will welcome Assad.

After all, the United Nations has become the hotbed of hate and irrationality.

Some day even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may even make this discovery!

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