Tuesday, March 1, 2011


By Simon Fischler

We knew sooner or later that one of the Arab or Muslim dictators facing the liberation movements in their countries would pass the blame off on the Jews.

Today we can thank Yemeni President Ali Saleh for blaming the Arab and Muslim revolts in the Middle-East on a Zionist conspiracy. As he said, there is “a room in Tel Aviv where Zionists are controlling everything” happening on the Arab and Muslim street!

If only we were that powerful; there might actually be true democracy outside of Israel in the Middle-East.

I guess Mr. Saleh is right: these revolts probably have nothing to do with the fact that every Arab and Muslim country is run by dictators who do just about everything to oppress and deny their citizens the rights we in the West and Israel (including Israeli Arabs) take for granted.

You’d think that the diplomats in EU and the Obama Administration would have awakened to realize that the problems of the Middle-East have nothing to do with settlements or the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

WOW. It is a real shock that the real problems in the Arab world revolve around a fanatically patriarchal, chauvinist culture that denies women and gays any rights and oppresses even the must normal of civil liberties.

For some reason though, the diplomats in the EU and in the White House seem incapable of stopping their mantra against Israel, joining the demented accusations that periodically spew from the Muslim Middle East.

Nothing new with that; all one needs do is to look around and see what is going on in the Western world today.

We have an Idiot fashion designer wishing for Jews to be gassed and praising Hitler. Thanks to John Galliono for making the world’s true thoughts very clear.

We have megalomaniac, idiot, actors tossing their Anti-Semitic views around. Thank you, Charlie Sheen.

Saddest of all, Pete Seeger has turned his back on Israel and joined up with the Hitler youth at BDS. Pete (92 years old, so one can only hope he’s too demented to realize he’s being scammed), the only peace BDS seeks is one that annihilates Israel and the Jewish nation’s right to self determination.

Of course, all of this is leading up to “Anti-Semite” week. Wait, excuse me, I mean Israel Apartheid week which starts on March Seventh.

This festive week is when all the Jew-hating anti-Semites come out to party in the hopes of destroying the Eighty Percent Jewish Nation of Israel. This is the week-long trashing of the only democracy in the Middle-East; the one that affords all of its citizens -- including Israeli Arabs -- the rights that we are all witnessing do not exist in the Arab Muslim world.

What a good and noble cause that is!

Please do not tell me that you have Jewish support for Israel Apartheid week, because if you do, those Jews are what we call SELF-HATING Jews- the worst Anti-Semites there are.

One can only hope that this despicable week of Jew and Israeli hating will be met with fierce opposition by the brave people who have not caved into the fear mongering, people like Alan Dershowitz and Bernard Henri Levi and all the other supporters of Israel.

Also, please do not tell about how we Israelis are missing an opportunity with PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The second the Pali-Leaks broke, giving information about what the Palestinians supposedly would be willing to give up for peace, Abbas and friends in the PA quickly denied it and accused Al Jazeera of releasing the information in the hopes of either bringing down the PA or having its leadership assassinated.

Sounds like Abbas has done a real good job of getting the Palestinian Street ready for peace, doesn’t it?

For that matter, all one needs to do is listen to Palestinian radio, watch Palestinian TV or open a Palestinian child’s school book to see inflammatory anti-Israel incitement. Remember, we are talking about the moderate Palestinian Authority in the West Bank (that is Judea and Samaria) run by Fatah. Looking at anything HAMAS produces is like reading Mien Kampf.

Of course all of this anti-Semitic, anti-Israel incitement in Palestinian media and society was supposed to be stopped before Israel stopped building in the Settlements, this is clearly written in the Road Map to peace.

Again, I guess it is Zionism’s fault.

How dare the Jews demand self-determination in their land? How dare the Jewish Nation defend its citizens? How dare the Jews and Israel not take the blame for Arab and Muslim oppression? How dare the Jews not take the blame for the Palestinians’ intransigency? How dare the Jews not take the blame for the Palestinian and Arab refusal of partition in 1947? HOW DARE THE JEWS NOT TAKE THE BLAME FOR ARAFAT’S REFUSAL OF PALESTINIAN STATEHOOD AND PEACE IN TWO THOUSAND AND TWO THOUSAND AND ONE? How dare the Jews not take the blame for PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal of Palestinian Statehood and Peace in two thousand and eight with Israeli PM Ehud Olmert?

You get the picture.


  1. Well said!! I, for one, get sick of the anti-semitic sentiment and how freely people spew their hate-filled lies. Charlie Sheen is a prime example. He needs to stick to acting(if he still has a job!) and keep his unasked for opinions to himself. He and others like him, need to get over themselves, and quit blaming innocent people for their problems.
    The Jewish people in Israel are surrounded by those who say they want peace, but yet they continue to fire rockets into Israeli communities, carry their signs(putting children out front)filled with hateful, anti-semitic rhetoric and publically threatening to annihilate Israel. Yet, Israel still extends the olive branch of peace. What does the rest of the world expect out of Israel? I say those of us who choose to see the real TRUTH, should stand by Israel and her right to exist and defend herself against those who want to bring her down. I am an American, and I support Israel and will only vote for those who support Israel. Shalom