Tuesday, March 8, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak


A group of leftist Israel-haters in Montreal have targeted a small shoe store owned by a couple of French-Canadians with no political affiliation one way or another.

The store -- Boutique Le Marcheur -- sells the Israel-made BeautiFeel brand of shoes which account for about two percent of the firm's annual sales.

Apparently the Freedom of Sales theme does not work for a lefty outfit called the Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) -- that's a macabre joke right there -- which loathes the idea of Israeli shoes being sold in Montreal.

Since last Autumn members of PAJU have staged anti-Boutique Le Marcheur demonstrations on weekend. The protesters arrive armed with banners and pamphlets determined to force owners Ginette Auger and Yves Archambault to stop selling made-in-Israel footwear.

"They come here on our best day of the week, during the best part of the day," said Archambault. "It intimidates passersby. It intimidates our regular customers."

The family-run business easily could have capitulated to the weekly assaults which include crowding the sidewalks and trying to discourage shoppers from entering the store in other hostile ways.

"They (PAJU) figured that the small shoe store was a soft target," wrote Grahame Hamilton for Canada's daily newspaper National Post. "But they didn't reckon on the resolve of Yves and Ginette. After twenty-five years in business, they were not going to be pushed around."

(FAST MEMO TO BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Notice the phrase, "Not going to be pushed around." Please take note of that when Barack Obama, the European Union or any of the other Israel-haters try imposing their will on you and your country.)

As easy as it might have been for Auger and Archambault to remove a line that brings in a such a small amount of income, they were resolute in standing for the rights; and so they did.

"Nobody has the right to tell me what I can sell in my store," asserted Archambault.

Auger: "Maybe next someone will complain about products from Germany or China. Where does it end?"

Fortunately, the shoe-selling couple have received some surprising support.

"Politicians from all levels of government have come out in support of Le Marcheur," noted Hamilton. "And the Montreal city council passed a resolution denouncing the boycott."

Still, Ginette and Yves have lost business because of the boycott. Luckily, there have been enough Israel supporters who have staged counter-protests and have "made a point of shopping at Le Marcheur," added Hamilton.

Opponents such as Quisling Jew, Bruce Katz, continue to rail over the couple's decision but they have an unequivocal answer for him and other lefties in PAJU.

"They more they (PAJU) do it," concluded Ginette, "the more I want to continue to fight!"

And so this should be Bibi's clarion call to the United Nations, the EU, and the others who continue heaping injustice on the only democracy in the Middle East.




Listening to Germany's Frau Merkel telling Israel what to do about building living quarters in Judea and Samaria makes me livid.

After the Nazi extermination policy, there should never be a Germany leader with the chutzpuh to tell Jews where they can live and what they can do in their own state.

The Brits have been Anti-Semites of another breed. They speak the King's English and pretend to be fair-minded -- until you check the records.

You know the story; White Paper, Lord Moyne and that sort of stuff.

Less known is the invidious manner in which Great Britain obstructed Jews from escaping Nazi Europe for a safe haven in (then) Palestine.

In an excellent -- and revealing -- article David Krakow spells out details of how outrageously hostile England was to Jewish refugees.

"The first battle casualties inflicted by the British at the outbreak of World War II on September 1, 1939, were Jews killed and wounded by British Marines who had stormed the Mossad ship Tiger Hill, carrying 1,417 Jewish escapees from Europe," explained Krakow.

Britain's callous blockading of Jewish escapees defies credulity.

"While they blocked the escape of Hitler's victims," added Krakow, "the British brazenly feigned ignorance of the extermination of the Jews as did virtually everybody including the United States."

And, as we have learned so well, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Democratic president, was as guilty in his own way as any of the more obvious who turned their backs on Jews during the Holocaust.

Thus, is it any wonder that the current Democratic president boycotts Israel by never setting foot in what is his foremost ally in the Middle East.

Brits, Krauts, Obama; by their actions to we know them!

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